1. B

    A "whistling" noise from all my amps with a cable plugged !!

    Hello, I'm facing a huge problem making it impossible to record any electric instrument anymore! Here a recap: 1. Since some time I've got a "whistling" noise when I plug cables with or without guitar (all three of them) in any of my FOUR amps (three tube and one modeling Line6). Frequency of...
  2. G

    Unwanted low-level electronic interference from my recording signal path

    Hello there, When I start my computer and activate my DAW I find that I have a constant low-level electronic noise coming through my monitor speakers. It begins the minute that I plug in my digital interface which is a Scarlett 18i6. I know that it could probably be a multitude of things but...
  3. C

    Strange Sweeping Interference

    I hope I've posted this in the right spot. I was recording some dialogue (audio book) and, when listening back, noticed a strange interference. Hopefully you can see in the image, the noise starts up in the high range, slowly creeps down to about the middle and then sweeps back up again. it...
  4. K

    PC recording - Sound Card interference

    I'm trying to record on my PC. I was interested in a sound card capable of good audio playback and recording, and was recommended a Xonar Essence STX. It turned out that while the Essence has a great sound quality, the recording quality of it is more than insufficient, especially for an item...
  5. R

    SM-57 Recording Interference

    Hi, I recently bought an SM-57. I have problems when recording with it; I know that it is not the microphone or lo-z cable or lo-hi z adapter because I have used it in limited equipment circumstances and it performs well.] When I run it into my computer through the line-in, however, I get...
  6. superiorinferior

    Wind Interference

    Ok so I've ran into this problem ever time I've made a movie. I will eventually run into working on a day where the wind sucks and totally distorts the audio. The bad thing is it is present all over the audio. I always have to cut a ton of low end and doctor the rest so at least some is...
  7. C

    very strange RF interference type sound but sounds very digitized

    hello, please help my brain. been trying to trouble shoot this problem of mine and cant seem to figure it out. now ill explain, recording guitar into cubase le4. no problems with audio when monitoring through the program. once recorded and listened back the track has this very strange RF...
  8. audiokid

    (term) Acoustic Phase Interference

    Phase Cancellation Undesirable dips and peaks in frequency response caused by mixing the outputs of two microphones which are picking up the same sound but with different arrival times. For example, this can occur when two microphones are placed near each other, but still with space...
  9. M

    Cell phone pulse interference issue

    Some friends of mine went to that Mercedes Benz Fashion Week being held at Bryant Park in NYC this week to do some field recording with a video camera. The footage was loaded into Adobe Premiere Pro for editing and I noticed that cell phone pulses were recorded on the audio portion of the video...
  10. F

    Phase Interference

    hmm ..i just watching internal mixing by steinberg and there topic about phase interference ..actually i don't know what he say about phase interference ..can someone share to me about phase interference that can make me understand that ..thx btw
  11. K

    "Interference" from nearby instruments?

    I've recorded a large piano recital the last few years that invariably has two grand pianos on stage placed end to end (i.e. so the musicians can look at each other). The lids are up, so the right piano is aiming AWAY from the audience. Certainly not ideal, but I haven't convinced them to do...

    Audio Interference Issue?

    I think I have what might be some sort of interference problem that has been driving me crazy. It has actually been a problem for quite some time, but only recently since troubleshooting the issue has the problem become severe enough to merit putting everything on hold until the issue is...
  13. R

    Radio Freq. or Electromagnetic Interference, any solutions?

    Hello all, After trying to troubleshoot the noise issue we've had in our studio for a long time, it seems that it could very well be RFI or EMI issues. In that case, if the source of these interferences are potentially occuring outside of the studio, are there any possible measures or...
  14. J

    Rubbish Interference!!

    please help! i've got a cubase set up on my desktop, and am now trying to send my rubbish laptop through my mixer and monitors on a different channel. first i used a mini jack to mini jack lead with 1/4in jack adapter, then a mini jack to phono lead through the tape in, but with each set up...
  15. W

    PCI-e interference

    I know that PCI-E slots will cause problems for AMD, but does this hold true for the intel chipsets 945, 955? Is it best to steer clear of the PCI-e in favor of AGP regardless of chipset/processor?
  16. N

    radio interferance is killing me!

    here's whats going on. im getting a bit of radio interference in my recordings. i have a studio in my basement. brand new everything, decent mics, ok cables, run into a snake then into a behringer eurodesk mixer, to a m-audio 1814 FW to my computer. My guess is it might be my mic cables, but i...
  17. F

    Do INTERNAL soundcards - pick up a lot of interference?

    hello, people. This issue may have been addressed sometime before, but it is of dire importance to me. I´ve been recently reading a lot about sondcards, since I´m planning to get one in order to record with a korg synth, straight to the soundcard in-port. The thing is, I´m CURRENTLY using...
  18. R

    OT: Dual Video Monitor/Interference

    Anyone found a solution? I'm using a dual video monitor setup in my studio. The 2 CRT's are placed side-by-side, and in between the nearfields. The damage to the CRTs (flickering, faded colors, and a black line that keeps scrolling through the display) is now becoming unworkable, and I was...