1. audiokid


    [=""]International Standard Recording Code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/] [=""]RESOURCES - ISRC - Home Page[/] [=""]ISRC - International...
  2. B

    ISRC Codes

    Hi I wonder if you can help... I have a mastered CD but do not have the ISRC codes written on it as i do not have them and it is about to go to be pressed. I am in the process of getting them through CD baby, once i do and the album is up on itunes digitally, when the CD is put into a computer...
  3. Assis Rosa


    Hello, I just bought a Tascam CD recorder. I´ve learned how to insert the CD text and the Disc title, but I don´t know if is possible to insert a isrc. I didn´t find it in the manual. Could someone help me?
  4. Link555

    ISRC Info

    Lots of people have been asking about this, here are some links I have used. I am sure most of you already know all about this, but just in case I hope this helps answer some questions. ISRC Info: or...
  5. R

    Adding ISRC at the plant?

    Greetings masterers, I am working a rush job for a band that has to send their master off to the plant by wednesday, and apparently it takes 2 or 3 days to get the ISRC codes after I provide the final timings for everything. Since I probably won't have the master ready in time to wait on the...
  6. D

    ISRC codes??? who gets these

    Who acquires these numbers for a CD? The producer/record label or the mastering engineer?
  7. R

    software that can read ISRC codec from CD

    I am looking for software for mac os x or pc that can read ISRC codes from CDs. If someone knows about software that is not sadie or sonic solutions, or standalone analyzer please let me know. TNX in advance...
  8. M

    mac software that will read ISRC codes off of a CD

    Hi, Does anyone know of a mac based software that will be able to tell me the ISRC codes that are on a CD? If not mac, how about PC? thanks Mike
  9. A

    urgent help: Need to write ISRC codes

    Hi friends! Just now Brazilian plants are asking for ISRC codes at the CD Masters we dliver them. I use TOast 5.0.2 and also have Masterlist, but this one requires a SCSI burner, something I do not intend to go back with. Whcih would you recommend me? BTW.. I am a MAC G4 800 user. Thanks :s: