1. M

    What does clock jitter sound like?

    Why I started this thread! Recently there have been several threads where the "sound" of clock jitter has been mentioned. These discussions seem to get "lost" in the diversity of the forum and points are often repeated. Hence I thought it would be worthwhile starting this thread to collate...
  2. audiokid

    AD Converter

    Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) is an electronic device whose function is to convert signals from the analog domain (vocals, instruments, and stereo sources) into digital data. The data can then be recorded and manipulated within a computer audio workstation or stand alone digital...
  3. audiokid

    (term) Jitter

    Jitter is the deviation of some aspect of the pulses in a digital signal. In audio applications, Analog to Digital converters are one of the most critical components that are susceptible to jitter. Using an internal or external clock, an A/D converter "slices" an incoming audio signal into a...
  4. audiokid

    Clock Jitter Explained

    What is clock jitter in detail?
  5. E

    Digial Jitter????? Need Help Fast

    ok, so i have a focusrite 428 preamp and i sending my other pre amps through it and going adat into my digi 002. I am getting pops through my adat channels but wheni hooked up my pre's tothe anolgue ins on the digi 002 no clicks. would this be considered digital jittes or am i ^#$%ed?
  6. A

    The story about jitter and CD Plants...?

    Hi All, My burnings are 100% correct. This is tested with different CD's that all test's OK in Sequoia and afterwards has been digitally played into Sequoia and then make a perfect null when played phase inverted to the original signal. I've been pulling the master fader and trying to max...
  7. M

    simple way to show jitter

    Hi, is there a simple (software?)way to show/measure how much jitter there is in one's digital system (DAW mac, external AD converter feeding DIG in on soundcard)? regards, Macmod
  8. B

    Jitter question...

    I was made aware of "jitter" a while back, and was curious if anyone could tell me how my setup faired in regards to jitter, and also if there's an advantage to using something like Apogee's Big Ben. Currently I'm going out of my mic pre's, into an Apogee Rosetta 96k, then out the spdif of...
  9. S

    Fairlight's A/D's: The Jitter Bug?

    The "Jitter Bug" (1.2.3...er 4 maybe?): Ugh! If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of working in a "Jitter Bug" prone DAW environment, you know how unpleasant and counter-productive this can be. For those of you that don't know (-or are in need of professional counselling due to your...
  10. C

    DIGIMAX to DIGI 001 (Clock or jitter problems?)

    I’ve been learning a lot reading your posts here guys. So, first of all, I should say THANK YOU FOR ALL THE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE AT THIS FORUM. But I need an advice. I have a DIGI 001 at my home studio and I am planning to buy a DIGIMAX (Presonus) to improve the number of available...
  11. B

    External Clocking, Jitter and Sound Revisited

    In the new issue of Tape Op, Bob Katz of Digital Domain states that "99 times out of 100, the INTERNAL clock in a converter will produce lower jitter and thus better sound than if you clock that converter externally from the most stable wordclock generator in the world! The reason: A crystal...
  12. J

    Wordclock distributer & Jitter question..

    I have a Rosetta that I use to track with and have three digital sources (standalone HD recorder, 2 digital cards) that all have Word Clock in. So obviously I think I would benifit if they all were clocked with the WC out of the Apogee because of the very stable clock and the syncronous timing...