kel hm-2

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    Kel HM-2d: soundclips wanted

    I know someone has to have gotten an [=""]HM-2d[/] by now. So let's kindly post some soundclips of one on various sources, hey?
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    Now shipping: Kel HM-2d Soundclips available: [=""]Mic comparisons[/] [=""]Outside of kick drum[/] Anyone who gets one of these should post soundclips immediately, particularly on voice.
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    Kel HM-2d (new model)

    [=""]Link [/] (audio sample in the Sound Clips section may not work)
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    Kel HM-2

    Kel's new [=""]HM-2[/]. Edit: These apparently don't ship out until May 20th. Has anyone, then, tried a mic' similar to these before?