korg mr-1000

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    Alternative to Korg MR-1000?

    Hi recording people, I've been looking at the Korg MR-1000 for some time now to be used for portable recording purposes. It's a couple of years old by now, though, so was wondering if a better alternative has appeared? Sample rate is very important such as the 5.6 MHz 1-bit recording rate of...
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    Korg MR-1000 schematic ...?

    Hi all, I am evaluating the Korg MR-1000 portable recorder for potential purchase and to that end would like a circuit schematic. Any help is appreciated :D Thanks, Jesper
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    Tascam HD-P2, Fostex FR-2 or Korg MR-1000?

    Hi guys, I'm in the market for a good digital stereo recorder in the 1500€ range. I plan to record mainly solo classical grand piano in live environment (Auditoriums, Theatres, Churchs ecc.). I'll use it with a matched Schoeps CMC5 MK21 pair. I'm considering Tascam HD-P2, Fostex FR-2 and...