1. pcrecord

    Changing tubes on UA LA-610 - worth it ?

    This video shows the process of changing tubes and comparing the before and after sound. I've did the mistake of recording with low gain to get the cleanest sound possible, before and after.. but it seems the sound is very similar but gets different with higher gain settings.. Anyway I hope it...
  2. pcrecord

    Fixing UA La-610 Compressor (need schematics with voltage points)

    Hi guys, Like the title says, I got one of my two LA-610 who doesn't compress anymore.. the action faded over a few months. I tried to change the tubes and even exchanged the opto cell with the other LA-610 and it did no good. So I guess a cap or a resistor failed.. I'd need some guidance...
  3. pcrecord

    Best place to buy Tube replacement kit for LA-610

    Hi there, I'm starting to check for a place I can thrust to buy tube kits for my 2 x LA-610. Affordable and good sounding (dreaming here ;)) They are both mk1 and were buildt around the same year but actually don't sound the same. I guess they have different tubes or different wear on them...
  4. pcrecord

    Second LA-610, convince otherwise.

    Hi there, I sold a couple of things on eBay and I'll get around 1k available by the end of the month Many of you know about my setup : 1 Focusrite Liquid saffire 56 1 UA 4-710 (adat to the 56) 2 ISA Two (through the 4-710 converters) 1 UA LA-610 mk1 (Through a mytek AD96 converter to the 56) 1...
  5. pcrecord

    Used UA LA-610 mk1, any tips and trick ?

    Hi gang, Just received my la-610, for those who have experience with this unit ; Do you have any tips, tricks or recommendation (which aren't in the manual)?
  6. kmetal

    UA la-610 vs Lachapelle 583 (for tasty rock guitar sound)

    hey all picking out a tube pre for my cousin, after ruling out the manley, and drawmer tube offerings, i'm pitting these two against each other in this slow narrowing of tube pre's. this will likely go alongside an api 512c and 550b. the obvious differences are one is a rackmount psuedo...
  7. S

    Universal Audio LA610 Hum issue

    Im running a Moog Little Phatty Stage 2 into my LA610 and from the 610 into my Yamaha 01V96 and Im getting a buzz. 2 weeks ago I wasn't... The exact signal flow including cables is this: Moog via Mogami TRS to Male XLR cable into the LA610's line input, out of the LA610's line output via Mogami...
  8. J

    Universal Audio LA610 + Firestudio Tube v.s. Universal Audio Apollo

    I have about $2,000 to spend on my interface / preamp, just unsure on what would be more beneficial... a [=""]UA[/] [=""]LA610[/] Preamp / Compressor combo with a lower end interface (Firestudio Tube) or the new...
  9. J

    Universal Audio LA610 + Firestudio Tube v.s. Universal Audio Apollo

    Looking to put together a decent little home studio... I have about $2,000 to spend on my interface / preamp, just unsure on what would be more beneficial... a UA LA610 Preamp / Compressor combo with a lower end interface (Firestudio Tube) or the new UA Apollo interface (which seems to have...
  10. P

    Universal la-610 mk ll or Universal Audio 6176

    Hi guys, So I'm looking into buying a new pre amp to go with my Rode K2. I have a Summit 2BA-221 which is ok but not the sound I'm looking for. Anyways my friend swears buy the 6176 even over the Avalon 737. But wanted to know what any of you think about the 6176 or the la-610 and how they are...
  11. U

    Universal Audio LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel with DAW...

    I'm seriously thinking about purchasing The Universal Audio LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel for my little studio. I record with a macbook, TC electronics Impact twin interface, and Powercore X8 for extra juice. God willing I will be also purchasing The AKG Perception 820 Tube Studio...
  12. M

    Universal Audio LA610

    I started recording songs for fun in high school in the 80s on a 4 track. I took a decade off and got back into it a few years ago and made a CD and now I'm doing my second. I did it all cheap in my basement. My friends, who know nothing about recording, think it sounds great, but I always think...
  13. nehpyh

    LA-610 vs Sebatron compressor?

    Dun mean to create bad blood here...just trying to make sense of my spending...which should I get? Sebatron or LA-610?
  14. E

    Really thrilled with the LA-610!

    Man, I've been fighting alot of gremlins in my studio since I stepped it up a notch but today I was actually able to open a Cubase project and start making things work. I finally got a chance to plug in the LA-610 that has been sitting there for a couple of months with little attention. I...
  15. C

    UA LA-610

    So I just purchased the UA LA-610 about a week ago after hearing many great things about it, however after toying around with it (I've only recorded guitars so far) I have not been able to find a setting a like that is much different from the mic pres that the Digi002 rack offers, in fact I...
  16. E

    UA LA-610 Tubes

    has anyone on this board ever re-tubed a 610 pre amp? and would selecting a differnt brand of tube help clean up the muddiness of this pre amp at all?
  17. V

    ISA 220 vs LA-610

    Ok, my local dealer was kind enough to loan me the LA-610 from UA, and the ISA 220 by Focusrite to go with my Sennheiser MKH 416. Anyone have experience with either of these? Used exclusively for voiceover work. Thanks in advance...
  18. K

    UA LA-610?

    Funny, I just noticed this unit while browsing one of the online retailers, and forgive me if my lack of experience (w/top shelf gear) really shows here but, does it not seem like a killer deal for $1400? If a 6176 retails for $2200, it makes me wonder, did they cut any corners to achieve this...