laptop recording

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    How to connect cardioid condenser mic to laptop?

    I have a MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser mic, and I want to hook it up to my Acer Aspire 5 to start recording music. Is there any extra steps I need to take? Do I need phantom power supplies? Would it be easier to get a usb mic? I'm as noob to this as it can get. I bought this laptop so I could start...
  2. L

    Recording on a laptop

    I'm new to this recording on computer deal and I am frankly very put off with what I found online already. I remember trying Acid Pro and Audacity years ago but I didn't get much into it. Now I found a cool site called Soundtrap that although it isn't all that advanced instrumentally, it's a...
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    Laptop recording

    I need advice. I'm looking for something small, portable, and clean that I can use to record on the road. I don't need multiple inputs, just a clear and strong signal. Any advice? :p: