1. audiokid

    How do you like the Forum Layout Now?

    I've been organizing the forums and content with a layout of a studio in mind. Its not been an easy undertaking, especially in the categories where workflow crosses-over in computer audio to analog / hybrid but I think I have it sorted pretty good. I've been moving threads that go back 18...
  2. audiokid

    How do you like the general layout of the forum now

    I've done a ton of organizing and re-mapping, re-structuring, assigning of threads and categories. How do you like the general layout of the forums now? Is it easier to navigate or is it too busy? Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.
  3. Earthless

    Patchbay Layout

    Hi Ive been working on a layout for my first patchbay. Its gonna be a switchcraft or redco with dsub connectors. Main interfaces is the Zed R16 mixer and the RME UFX. My "studio" is one room only, in my livingroom so its basically just me messing around playing, recording and mixing. Im sharing...
  4. Link555


    I just found this ....file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Link/My%20Documents/Downloads/PCBlyt-home-ent-audio%252bEMC%252bT-100818%20(1).pdf Lots of good stuff in there....
  5. S

    question about wiring setup and layout...please help!

    Hey all. Got a question about my wiring setup and layout. I'm going to try and explain things as best as I can and give you a mental layout of my setup. Here is my room setup. I have a live room, control room, and another vocal room. I have snakes running from each of those rooms into my...
  6. mdemeyer

    Wide but Shallow Performance Layout

    This Sunday I will record a handbell concert. Have not been to the church yet, but it seems that their normal performance layout is a single row about 20 people wide. My concern is that I might have to be close enough to them (for acoustic or practical reasons, it's a live concert) that the...
  7. X

    Layout of home(your) studio

    I'm currently planning to renovate a commercial place into a recording studio. Can someone who owns a studio provide me a picture layout of the studio?? The control room, drum booth, vocal on!! I'm highly appreciated :D
  8. K

    studio layout final decisions...

    ok, i'm getting a warehouse space about 30'x40' 30' high ceiling, concrete floor, 2 walls are metal, and i have to build the others. i want to have a control room and a band room. maybe a small room for vocals, maybe one for amps, ect... recording hardware: MOTU 24io interface, yamaha...
  9. F

    Confused about proper HD layout?

    Hello All, With an Abit motherboard I have 2 ATA sockets and 2 IDE sockets. My 2 hard drives are on the same cable master slave both on single ATA socket. CD rom and Zip drive on ide separate sockets both slaves. It works so I left well enough... Should I put Hd's on differant ATA sockets...
  10. N

    Patchbay layouts

    Howdy Any tips on patchbay layout? Just curious to hear how other folks organize unnormalled patch points and what they commonly prefer to have normalled.