1. C

    Needing Lexicon MPX-1 MIDI Program Change Advice

    Hello, Recording Forum; I have a Keith McMillen SoftStep-2 foot controller that runs through a MIDI Expander and into my MPX-1 (first of 2...I know the MPX-1 is a bit outdated, but they're my favorite). All I want the SoftStep to do is allow me to change programs on the MPX-1, and I can’t get...
  2. paulears

    Lexicon Lambda

    Spent a frustrating morning at a friends where he'd done the Windows 10 upgrade to discover Cubase and Sibelius were now silent. The Lexicon advice was not to move to Windows 10, but too late. So he's now waiting for a nice red 2i2 to arrive. Annoyingly, he was at first pleased because the...
  3. G

    Budget Interfaces just a question about a lexicon i-onix u82s

    I have a chance to scoop one of these up cheap ... ... I understand it's a discontinued product , it does have available drivers for windows 7 /64 bit ( I have a desktop that will support it). I'm not finding much in reviews , The odd posting about failures and the odd posting about the DBX...
  4. gitlvr

    First Interface. Lexicon Alpha

    Just completed the setup. It was pretty simple. The difference in sound reproduction is pretty good, but what I love about it is the cleanness of the signal. The only word I can think of is pristine. Just that alone is a huge step up from the internal sound card in my computer. Not sure I will...
  5. B

    Lexicon Apha with Shure SM57 help?

    Hi there just got Lexicon Alpha with Shure sm57 , i used this vid here Lexicon Alpha - How to Record a Track in Cubase LE5 - YouTube to assist me so i think i have it setup correctly. So i can hear mic through headphones when plugged into alpha but when i try to record on cubase it just picks...
  6. W

    Whats wrong with my recording? Audio-Technica AT2035 + Lexicon Alpha

    Hello I just purchased a Audio-Technica AT2035 and Lexicon Alpha Preamp/Interface whichever one but when I try to record with records the right stereo only, and doesnt record in mono So what could be my problem I have a NADY SMPS phantom to power the mic btw Please help in any way
  7. D

    ALPHA lexicon HELP

    Hey! Newbie here! I'm having trouble with an interface I recently bought for about a hundred dollars at a local music store. It fit all of my qualifications; I really just need an XLR cable for my Shure SM-57 (that I use purely for vocals) and a 1/4th inch cable for my guitar, bass and the box I...
  8. Y

    Cubase, win 7, Lexicon Alpha and Yikes! Only Sounds From the little laptop speakers

    Hello and its good to be here! The system runs well, and all so if I go direct through the laptop mic out, all is good, but I try and get sound though the Alpha via the headphone out to my main speakers, nothing, just plays though the little laptop speakers. All OTHER system sounds etc play...
  9. Keith S

    Sell my Lexicon 224?

    Pardon me if you've seen this on another forum. I have a hardware Lexicon 224 that works. It occasionally gives me a fit and the problem seems to be a little oxidation on the PCB contacts where they slide into the chassis. Removing and replacing them seems to fix the issue. Never get any...
  10. vttom

    Lexicon U42S?

    I've been looking high and low to replace my Tascam US-122 interface with something that has a few more XLR MIC inputs. I need more than 2, but no more than 8. I've come across the Lexicon I-ONIX U42S which seems to fit my needs perfectly: 4 XLR MIC inputs, stereo out, MIDI I/O. Pretty...
  11. hueseph

    UAD Lexicon 224

    AAAAARGH! Yet another plugin that makes me feel forced to buy a UAD-2. It's a shame I can't run this with my UAD-1e. It sounds pretty convincing to me. LARC and all. I want this one.
  12. BobRogers

    UAD Lexicon 224 Emulation

    Universal Audio announced their next plugin - a [="http://www.sonicstate.com/news/2011/04/06/messe11-lexicon-224-for-uad-2/"]Lexicon 224 reverb.[/] The price is steep: $349. I love the sound of the old Lexicons, but I'm not producing anything right now that I think requires it. I'll demo it...
  13. Q

    Lexicon Alpha recording problems

    Hey there, Kinda new to the whole recording process but ran into difficulty straight away. I've set up the device, installed the drivers and Cubase LE4 that came with it. To begin with, the audio recordings were fine, they were audible and clear. A few weeks later and for a reason unknown to...
  14. R

    Lexicon Reverb

    I heard this plug-in is really good, but I'm hard pressed to shell out $1500 for the full PCM version. Just wondering what I would be missing out on if I just got the LXP version... The comparison isn't much help: [="http://www.lexiconpro.com/static.php?id=57"]LXP Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle...
  15. I

    Lexicon Omega GB, and sound quality, quick question

    Hello all, if you have advice for me, I'd very much appreciate it. If there are already threads on this, sorry I haven't found them yet. I purchased (second-hand) the Omega interface, and bought some mics (MXL 990,991). I'm running 10.4.11 on my mac, and have yet to get the required...
  16. sshack

    Lexicon PCM 70

    Hello all. Does anyone happen to have a copy of the manual for this unit with 2.0 firmware? I've searched high and low and can only seem to find the 3.1. I'm really most interested in the Program Matrix and Parameter Matrix, mostly because my "4" and "9" buttons aren't working (bummer)...so I'd...
  17. U

    Lexicon Omega & windows xp... grrrr.

    I'm tryig to install this Omega on the kids pc and the drivers keep disappearing! anyone have any experience with this? It's an old Dell Dimension 4400 with windows xp. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  18. S

    Can't get cakewalk sonar le to playback on lexicon omega.

    I recently set up my studio again and lost cubase le that came with my omega interface. A buddy of mine got a mac so he had a brand new copy of cakewalk sonar le. I installed it but a message about the drivers not being compatible or being used by another program popped up. I still haven't...
  19. B

    Lexicon Alpha Home Recording Studio

    I recently purchased a Lexicon Alpha to do some home recording with. I've set it all up on my computer, checked everything out, read the manuals, gone to the website, EVERYTHING. I have it set up exactly the way it tells me to, although when I go to record, it doesn't record. Anybody know...
  20. A

    Lexicon PCM96

    I am look for a great sounding reverb and delay. I am using Mac (pro tools). Someone told me about Lexicon PCM 96 has an incredible sound, better than any software plug-INS or any other hard ware for the same price. If not, which plug-ins or hard ware has BETTER sound for the equivalent price. I...