1. R

    Logic Pro X monitoring not working but only with new inputs?

    This is a really bizzare problem I cannot figure out. So I have a focusrite 2i2 plugged into logic. Works great no complaints usually. Today I cannot get NEW inputs to work? What I mean is if I open a song with tracks already recorded, I can click on them and play and I can hear the output...
  2. R

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, Logic Pro X, AT2035 not working.

    Me: I'm running Logic Pro X, I've been using Garage band and I just upgraded. I have 2 issues out the gate that I cannot seem to get around. My Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 is reading my SM57 when it's plugged in but it's not outputting on Logic. I can see in my logic that it's picking up the signal...
  3. Tony Carpenter

    Logic Pro X 10.3 released

    Below is link for details of release of Logic Pro X 10.3. Lots of enhancements and fixes. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT203718
  4. A

    Logic X How to setup recording, 2-channel acoustic

    I've used Audacity to record and have only done basic EQ with Logic, but I want to start recording, editing,and all with Logic. From what I've read so far, most of the recording setups have been for electric instruments,midi,etc, and maybe I'm just missing something simple. Can anyone who's...
  5. Don Jaye

    What Mic and Preamp Should I get?

    Hello, Im Don Jaye. I want my vocals to be crystal clear with a little warmth. - I have a apogee duet 2 going into Logic Pro - avantone c12 These two are not getting me the professional sound im looking for. I will ONLY be using this chain for vocals and my budget is 2,000. I was thinking of...
  6. W

    Both MOTU 8pres have suddenly stopped working with Logic

    Alright guys and gals, I’m about to lose my freaking mind and I could really use some help. I run Logic on my top of the line Mac Pro (which I use solely for recording music). For the past year or so, I’ve been using two MOTU 8pres – one is a firewire interface, the other a USB. The USB (MOTU...
  7. gdoubleyou

    Logic 10.2.0 Released!

    Available now in the App Store. New features: http://www.apple.com/logic-pro/ Integration of the Alchemy synth!
  8. waveform

    Bringing in audio from external midi device

    I've never done this before but, I have a Nano Piano hooked up via Midi and it has analog outputs on the back. I have the analog outputs coming in via the hardware aux line 3, which is a stereo in on the M-Audio omni studio. The nano plays fine in logic and I can change the presets, but I can't...
  9. waveform

    No midi output to my rack unit - Logic 5.5

    I'm trying to figure out what went wrong. I have a template that a I saved for a simple environment for my (external) t.c multi effects unit that use to let me do things like change program settings, bypass the unit during automation from within logic. It always worked, then I moved out of state...
  10. waveform

    Multi instrument - using multiple effects from one unit

    I have an t.c.M-One XL multi effects unit and I'm wondering if it's possible to utilize a few different effects at the same time using buses in logic though separate program channels via the [="http://en.wikiaudio.org/images/6/66/Logic_Multi_instrument.png"]Multi Instrument[/] object? The...
  11. waveform

    Logic 5.5 bus question

    I know many of you are on the new logic, I hope to get a mac in the near future. I would think the busing works the same still. My friend helped me set this up a few years ago so I just saved a template. I'm trying to understand the signal flow. I had a few questions, but it's kind of difficult...
  12. gdoubleyou

    Logic Pro 10.1 released!

    Available at the App Store, requires OSX 10.9 or higher. http://www.apple.com/logic-pro/whats-new/ MAJOR update. Also major update for the live performance app Mainstage 3 http://www.apple.com/mainstage/
  13. freedomflyer

    Recreating Breakbot's Bassline in Logic

    I've been making music in Logic for a couple of months now. One of the most difficult things for me is making a baseline that is punchy and funky. I'm trying to replicate the baseline in [="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO0NWBzVmZI"]Breakbot's You Should Know[/] in Logic. Can anyone give me...
  14. G

    How to edit vocals and guitar and export for soundcloud with Logic Pro

    Hi Everyone, I am just starting out and right now I am recording audio with my DSLR. I have converted the files (Vocals and Guitar Tracks) to wav file format and would like to know how do I edit them in Logic Pro X to sound like professional tracks. Are there any tutorials specifically for...
  15. Digitalien1

    Smart Controls - Logic Pro X Question

    Does anyone know if I can change a knob in the Smart Controls window into an on/off toggle switch? I want to use it for capture in InPhase and learn for X-Noise.
  16. S

    Studiologic Numa Compact - how reliable is it

    Dears, I'm close to buying my first keyboard. What I need is a 88 keys midi controller with sound and a good key action. It does not have to be a weighted action since I'm not a pianist. I want to have also piano sound on board and at least 128 notes of polyphony since I'm going to use it for a...
  17. JoshHPMusic

    Recording With Multiple Audio/MIDI Sources into Logic Pro X?

    Hello everyone, Just a quick question about inputs with Logic Pro X. So I would like to record a few microphones through my Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP, thru Firewire into my Macbook Pro. Then, I want to record MIDI drums from my Alesis DM8 Pro, by USB, into the computer. I'm just not sure...
  18. pcrecord

    Warmer recordings next logic purchase ?

    I'm getting the hang on pro gear. I use a ISA Two with a Mitek converter, a Focusrite Liquid saffire 56 and octopre at the moment. Mics : 2 sm57, 4 c1000s, d112, 4x c418, C2000b, Studio Project C1 and a KSM32 and a few D880 and a few sennheiser e 845 So I get pretty clean recordings with the...
  19. W

    Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton EDM Templates

    What is a template? It is a canvas where you start working quickly on professionally produced projects. It is a very good educational tool; it can also be used as an inspiration to create new material. Recycling! If you know a bit about the story of dance music you will know that it as always...
  20. B

    Using Logic 9 with a UR22 + Mixer + Outboard FX

    Hi All, OK, straight to the point. I'm using Logic 9 on my MacBook Pro, this is connected via USB to a Steinberg UR22 Audio Interface. I also have an M-Audio Axiom 49, also connected via USB to the Mac. Now, I've decided to make use of some outboard units, namely the following: Behringer...