1. ZeroZero

    Building Orchestral Templates in Cubase

    Cubase 11. Kontakt 6. Orientation: I am in the process of building a very large, mostly orchestral template in Cubase 11 with Kontakt 6, Halions, EW PLAY, Spectrasonics GUIs and more. for use is a large scale project. The Template has about a thousand tracks and will be used to pull ready made...
  2. russ_signum

    Signum Audio's Bute Loudness Analyser Plugin (official thread)

    More info / register for a trial here: https://www.signumaudio.com/bute-loudness-analyser Overview: We are Signum Audio, a new developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We have just released our first plugin - the Bute Loudness Analyser. Bute comes with a customisable warning system...
  3. crystaldrone

    A question about the main ST fader of a digital mixer

    Hello Everyone, Good to be back posting here after a long time. Would love your insights on this. Recently I mixed a couple of tracks and even started casual listening by keeping the main ST fader on my digital mixer (yamaha n12) at -6 db instead of 0 db, and observed that its much more...
  4. audiokid

    (term) Loudness

    Loudness - Subjective impression of the intensity of a sound.