low output

  1. PhantomBox

    AKG C414B-ULS with low output

    Calling out to all mic gurus: I have an AKG C414B-ULS with low output. Please correct me if I'm wrong: these condenser mics have FETs that need to be calibrated to a certain voltage that polarizes the capsule. If this voltage is too high by just a few volts, it looses low frequency response...
  2. H

    AKG C414 B-uls, Low volume...problem?

    GDay everyone, I just got my Sebatron VMP 4000e after saving for yonks and wondered about something...my AKG C414 B-uls doesnt seem to put out a lot of volume...does anyone else ever get this issue? I thought it might be the settings on the back of my Digi002r - the pro (+4 dB) or the Consumer...