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    Lucid AD9624 - DOA out of the box

    Hello all, It's hell that this happens on a weekend without access to tech support .... so you all can help me :D . Just received my first ever outboard AD (Lucid 9624). Was anxious to try it out...hooked it up in between my Benchmark MPS420 pre and Masterlink. Everything is plugged...
  2. W

    M Audio 1010 VS Lucid Audio ADA8824?

    I know the converters in the Lucid are obviously nicer than M Audio but take into account that the latter is about half the price. Anyone heard both? I'd appreciate your opinions. Thanks for your time.
  3. R

    Rosetta 800 or Lucid GenX6 for master clock?

    I posted this in recforums with little feedback: When I purchased the 800, everybody said it was hands down a better clock. So I have the 800 as master, with a cable to the Lucid Genx6 which distributes to everything else in the studio. This seems a bit kludgey. The argument for...
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    Lucid ada8824?

    Is this unit better than the Apogee ad 16x? Thanks.
  5. J

    Anyone use Lucid DA9624?

    I'm thinking of going to external converters. I track on a Mackie SDR and mix in Sonar, would probably use externals for tracking bass into the SDR if possible. I'd love to have the budget for Rosettas, not this year! A friend is using RME's, loves them. Any opinions on either one? Thanks.
  6. B

    Lucid 9624 or Apogee Rosetta or ?

    I am currently using a MOTU 2408 MKII and am interested in upgrading the converters for at least two channels. I have spent a considerable amount of time getting the MOTU linked my PC running Cubase and my Yamaha O1v (ADAT Lightpipe), and I don't want to trash this set up. I am looking at the...
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    having some problems with lucid converter.

    Hi, I JUST got my lucid converters, and I totally tricked out my computer in preparation for the incorporation of pro audio. I haven't set up my AD9624 yet, but I did setup my DA9624 (via optical S/PDIF from my rme hammerfall digi9652). Anyway, when I first hooked up my DA9624 directly to my...
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    Output mod for Lucid GENx6?

    I coulda sworn I saw a post on here recently about changing the resistor values on the outputs of the Lucid GENx6 wordclock generator, in order to allow it to drive a Waves L2. Something about the L2's WC input requiring a higher peak-to-peak voltage than other gear. Does anyone know the...
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    Lucid A/D9624 and 2408 spdif noise

    Hi Guys: I can't figure this one out. Please help me. My set up is: d8b,lucid genx6,lucid A/D9624, and a 2408. My problem: I'm getting noise on the left side of the spdif input on the 2408(spdif 1). Spdif 2 works perfectly. It's not the A/D9624. I can take the spdif out of the 9624 and go to a...
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    Lucid GENx-6 price reduction?

    Hi. I noticed on the Lucid site, in the information for the new GENx6-96, that the list price of the GENx-6 was supposedly reduced to $499 as of Sept. 30. Has anyone seen this reflected in dealer prices yet? here is the link: For...
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    stupid Lucid ADA8824 question-

    Fletcher- I know you use Lucid boxes and DP- Can you run inputs into the ADA8824 and monitor your mains out of the 1 and 2 outputs at the same time- as in, record off of the inputs and monitor it all at the same time? I assume you can, but if so, how do the meters break it down, seeing as how...
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    if there was a shootout MOTU1296 vs.Lucid8824...

    If there was a shootout with a MOTU1296 and a Lucid 8824, which would still be standing...? On a more serious note, Fletcher, I noticed that you are using DP to record with and also using a LUCID as a front end. Have you checked out the MOTU1296 against the LUCID on any of your sessions...
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    Lucid A/D 9624 with or without GENx6?

    Just wondering if anyone has used the Lucid A/D 9624 with it's own internal clock AND also clocked to a Lucid GENx6. I'm curious if it sounded significantly different. I realize this is pretty subtle and subjective, but I'm interested if anyone has noticed a difference, subtle or not? I have...
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    LUCID ADA convertors. Up to par with...?

    Hi, I have 2 888/24's and an AD-8000 in our studio and recently we've been making plans for a B room. My question. I've seen alot of talk about the Lucid AD's and would like to know in what "category" they are... Also any users of Lucid Genx6's? Any comparisions of these with the...
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    Which Lucid?

    Fletcher, I've seen you mention that you liked the Lucid converters. Which unit(s) have you heard. I'm thinking about ADA1000 and the 9624 pair. Is the 9624 worth the extra $1000+?