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    Neumann M147's As Overheads?

    Has anyone ever tried a pair of Neumann M147's as drum overheads? How were the results? Thanks!!
  2. C

    Neumann M147

    Hi, i am recording a friends project soon and have the option of borrowing a few mic's from someone. One of these mics is a Neumann m147 and having never used one I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to its uses/strong points etc ? I am particularly interested to hear if...
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    vm1 lite VS. m147 VS. um92.1s

    hello ppl. dont know what to buy... :roll: if Brauner VM1 lite or Neumann m147 or Gefell um92.1s i have a avalon 737 what you think, thanks a lot
  4. D

    Mic pre for Neuman M147 tube

    I need a good pre for mic tube mic(M147 tube from Neuman), i should to by a solid state Pre or a tube one? Also wich brand is good for my mic? Thaks.
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    M147 or U87 for Vox?

    Hi guys, Firstly thanks to those of you who advised on a big band recording I had to do with limeted mics, was a great sucess, thanks! :p ) Budget will stretch to buying a U87 or an M147 for this purpose. I am inclined to go for the M147, but would much appreciate any views on this...
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    Brauner Valvet vs. Neumann M147

    Hi, I narrowed down my quest for a good vocal mic to these two - they fit my budget well and both are supposed to sound very good and got good reviews and have an acclaimed brandname.... Which one would you go for? The mic will go in either the Preamps of a Trident 65 or a Joe Meek VC1Q. I am...