1. moonbaby

    I want an M-S mate for my Beyer M160

    I'll keep this brief... I lost a Beyer M130 and 1 of 2 M160's I have owned for several years. It happened in a bizarre way that makes me sick to even think about. Now I want a figure-8 ribbon to go with the lonely M160. I COULD just buy another M130, I have about $1K to play with for a new mic...
  2. mdemeyer

    Beyer M160 Orientation

    Just got one. Now I understand Remy's comments on the red dots. I understand that they tell you to align them vertically. What about in a situation where the mic is mounted above something and pointed substantially downward? Is there any problem with this orientation, or just make the dots...
  3. N

    Beyerdynamic M160 for solo violin?

    Would this be a good mic for recording solo violin? I can't help but notice all the glowing praise for this mic lately. Is it really as exceptional as people make it out to be, or is it just because ribbons are "in" right now? Thanks.
  4. S

    M-S on acoustics with m160 and k2 in fig. 8

    The first clip is with the mics where the neck and body connect http://www.jetrecording.com/AcousticMS.mp3 The second is with mics in front of the sound hole. http://www.jetrecording.com/AcousticMSnearertohole.mp3 both are mics are about 7-8 inches away.. tell me what you think.. which i...
  5. L

    "Blown" M160 Repairs?

    I was STUPID and blew up my beloved ribbon! Who can direct me to good repair shops? I've had a hard time finding anyone that will even answer an email... Sure, there are lots of places on the net, but I need something reputable that answers emails or phone calls. A simple repair is fine, no...
  6. 2

    Grand Piano and M160

    I record jazz piano trio's mostly, in a live setting. The piano player does not like to close the lid. The drums bleed into both the bass and piano mic's. I tried 441 's on piano. They did a good job of isolation but the pianist thought they were to bright so I changed to 414's. I...
  7. K

    ORTF w/ Beyer M160's

    Would it be acceptable to use two Beyer M160's in an ORTRF configuration to record a small guitar group or chamber group? This is the only matched set of mics I have and was wondering if they would be completely useless in this environment. I am saving for a set of Schoeps but it will be some...
  8. P

    Roland M160 Line Mixer

    Hello, I found a Roland M160 Line Mixer on Ebay at a decent price. I cannot find any literature on the product. Has anyone used this mixer that can give me some feedback on it. I would be using it mainly for keyboard i/p's. Regards, mIchAEl
  9. J

    Beyer M160 guitar mics

    These mics have been recommended to me by a few people that I trust, but I've been too lazy to find one to get my ears on. Does anyone have an impression of this mic that they'd like to share? :)
  10. A

    Beyer M160

    Greetings to all on board. Recently I aquired a beyer m160 microphone. I notice two red dots on the rim of the mike. May I know , what purpose does these red dots serve? Thank you for your input/ contribution.