1. Cucco

    Organ Sample - Gefells

    A lot of people have been asking for me (off-list) to post some clips of either the Gefell M296 mics or the recent organ recording which I had mentioned a couple months ago (or in some cases both). So...here it is. This is a short clip of the live Bach organ festival that I recorded a...
  2. R

    Gefell M296

    I am thinking of taking the plunge and acquiring a pair of MG M296 omnis. I will use them A-B for choral recording in a church but also hope to experiment with the omni as the mid element in an MS array (MKH30 as figure of 8) for nature recording. Looking for that greater sense of spaciousness...
  3. Cucco

    Review for Gefell M296 posted

    Well, I finally finished it and you can find it here: http://recording.org/reviews-24.html If you're interested in samples, the Beethoven I reference is the same that I referenced in my earlier post in this forum on my new demos. Enjoy. J. :D