1. pcrecord

    Mixing with Samplitude Pro X5 - (only included plugins)

    Mixing with Samplitude - You & Me & The Radio I've been doing this for a while. Once or twice a year, I like to download free tracks and mix them. It gives me a chance to adapt to different recording qualities and mind set. I mostly mix my own stuff, so I think it's a good exercise to do...
  2. pcrecord

    What is SIDE Chain - for audio or video production

    What is SIDE Chain - for audio or video production I've been ask in the comment of my youtube channel to do a video about this.. I'm happy that people gives me video ideas.. It shows interest and give me motivation to continue.. Here is one about side chain.. Let me know what you think ! ;)
  3. pcrecord

    Mixing with explanations - Me and my crew - Will Evanx

    Mixing with explanations - Me and my crew - Will Evans I thought it would be a nice exercise to mix a song and explain every decisions. If you have any question about the changes that I make while mixing or if you do not agree with them, please write it in the comments and we will discuss about...
  4. pcrecord

    Video : Reamp Made Easy

    Hi, In this video I go in the process of reamping an electric guitar with Samplitude Pro X5. The method is similar with any DAW, Including Pro X4 Let me know if I should do a version 2 with more info..
  5. pcrecord

    Magix Samplitude Pro X4 - X5 : Signal flow

    Hey gang, yet another video, I just hope I'm not annoying RO members.. ;) This time, I explore the different options of signal path within Samplitude and through the audio interface.
  6. pcrecord

    Magix Samplitude Pro X 5 new feature : Comparisonic vs wave colors

    In this video I compare Comparisonic colors from Samplitude Pro X4 and the Wavecolor option from Samplitude Pro X5 This may seem like a futil tool but once you get used to it it's very usefull.. Specially if you record a song with a customer and don't know right away where choruses and verses...
  7. pcrecord

    Magix Samplitude Pro X5 - What's new ?

    In this video I do a first look at the new features of Samplitude Pro X5 Stay tuned for futur videos in which I will explore them a bit deeper..
  8. pcrecord

    Drum replacement with Magix Samplitude Pro X4

    Hi, In this video I'll give you some tips to use the object function, Audio to Midi in order to do drum replacements or enhancement. Tell me what you think !
  9. pcrecord

    Quantise drums with Samplitude Pro X4

    Hi Gang, I hope you are all well in those hard times. Me, I'm still working my day job from home as an It Technician. I had a few requests for more Magix tuto so here's one about quantising drums : Le me know what you think ! ;
  10. pcrecord

    Magix CoreFx suite : Two point compressor

    Hi gang, Yet another video on Magix CoreFx Suite.. I'm getting through all the plugins slowly.. Doing those videos force me to learn the plugin better. I just hope I'm not annoying some of you with my posts.. Anyway something interesting in this one.. Tell me what you think !
  11. pcrecord

    MAgix CoreFX : delay !

    Hi, In this video I go deeper into Magix CoreFx delay plugin. Let me know what you think !
  12. pcrecord

    Magix CoreFX - Chorus and Flanger

    Hi, This is the first video that will cover, in deep, the effects included in Magix CoreFX. If you have questions or tests you would like me to do, feel free to ask !
  13. pcrecord

    My first look at Magix CoreFX

    Hi gang ! Hope you are all well and ready for the end of the year ! There is so many plugins available, let me know what you think of those and what tests would you want me to do in my next video about them..
  14. J

    New basic setup - help needed

    Hello, I have just got into making music and bought a few things to get started. Interface - Behringer Xenyx 302 Usb Midi keyboard - M-Audio KeyRig 49 DAW- Cubase Elements 8 LE AI and Magix Music Maker Premium. I am having a hard time connecting it all together and getting it all to work. I...
  15. pcrecord

    Comping with Magix Samplitude Pro X4 - Build the perfect track !

    Hey gang, I just uploaded a video about comping with Samplitude.. for those of you who didn't get to use that feature yet.. I was surprised how easy it was.. Let me know what you think !
  16. pcrecord

    Magix Samplitude Pro X4 - initial setup and first use

    Hi gang, I've been asked many beginners questions on Samplitude and recording in general on my Youtube channel. I've just finished a video that covers most of the basics for someone who starts recording. Also, I cover most of the config and features of Samplitude Hope it will help a few.
  17. pcrecord

    Mastering workflow Part 2 - with Samplitude tools

    Hi gang, This is an attempt at mastering while explaining the process and using only Samplitude plugins.. Tell me what you think ! (remember I'm not a ME ! ;) My main missing things are LUFS metering M/S processing Having long peak holds on the spectrum analyser.
  18. pcrecord

    Mixing an entire song with Magix Samplitude

    In this video, I take free mixing exercise tracks and mix them. I didn't know the song, the artiste or heard the tracks before starting to mix. I thought it would be a good Idea to show the thought process and steps taken when mixing. On top of that, I forced myself to only use included tools...
  19. pcrecord

    A bit deeper into Magix Independence Sampler

    Hi gang, I made a video about this sampler software. It shows how easy it is to load samples and create our own sound bank. Please give me your opinions on the software and the video production.
  20. pcrecord

    My first look at Magix Independence sampler

    I'm not using samples and vsti very often since my studio is oriented at recording real instruments but with some solo artist, I sometime have to dig into my arsenal. So this is my first look at Magix Independence Sampler Let me know what you think.. I may do a second video with deeper...