1. Maros

    Tascam ATR-60 8 track - Good price? And help to understand (missing manuals)

    Hi folks, this is my first thread here after soooo much reading of this supercool forum! I hope that the thread will be helpful for other people too. I want to buy my first multitrack - accually on 70% I bought it - I made a deal with a seller and I have one week for change my mind. It is...
  2. MilesHolmwood

    MCI JH600 manual??

    Anyone know where i can get one? Trying to figure this beast out.
  3. P

    Art Manuals

    I know it's very old gear, but I've had trouble in finding some manuals for Art Multiverb Alpha and Art Multiverb III. Has anyone got some PDFs of these or any tips for a source? Dave.
  4. grant

    AKG C426b Manual

    I'm looking for the manual for an AKG 426B mic. Does anyone know where I can download one? I couldn't find one on the AKG website. (In fact, that site suffers from a dearth of information on this microphone.) Thanks, Grant
  5. Q

    tascam cdrw 700 manual

    Hey , I have a tascam cdrw 700 ( like the title says) and I can not find the link to the manual anymore on the tascam website. Any ideas on where to find the manual online? Thanks in advance .
  6. D

    Home Recording Manuals

    Hi, I'm getting a Boss recorder from my guitar teacher but he doesn't have the manual to go with it. I was wondering where online i could find an instructional manual for it. I'm sorry i don't know the model yet but it's not the Br-900/1200/or 1600; it's an older model.
  7. X

    Cubase SX Manuals

    I have a PDF file of the manual for my Cubase SX. But it's a pain loading that up everytime I want to work on learning more about the program, and it would cost around 80$ to print it. Does anyone know where I can buy a hard copy of this?
  8. R

    Tascam FW1884 Service Manual

    Hi there, I need the Tascam FW1884 Service Manual. If somebody gets it, please let me know. Regards, Rafael[/b]
  9. B

    Tascam Da-30 (mk1 the silver knobs!!) manual

    Hello all, I was wondering if any of you good people out there has/or be willing to let me copy the manual for this DAT machine, also I have heard that it has quite a reputation albeit quite an old recorder any info would be greatly recieved Rich
  10. S

    SSL Manual for G+ 4000 series

    Does anyone know if SSL has ever produced a PDF version of the manual and signal flow diagram? I know they actually make it for the newer programs..but you know if they have doen the same thing for older consoles? Thanks~
  11. A

    Request: Manual for Fostex R8

    hello i`m searching for a manual for Fostex R8 Recording Machine have someone a pdf maybe. I wasn`t able to find it with google regards Thomas
  12. T

    looking for manual of ADRs gemini easyrider

    hi, i need to service my gemini easyrider compressor from audio design research, but i dont have a manual with circuts drawing. can anyone help me out? thanks tosse
  13. C

    Soundcraft 200 manual?

    Does anyone know where I can get a Soundcraft 200 manual? I just bought this old mixer for $100. The pres sound nice but there're some bugs with the faders and pan knobs. Any help is much appreciated. thanks.
  14. B

    Propellerhead reason manual?

    I recently got Reason Adapted with Protools 002R. It is not simple to use on first (and second and third) observation. So why don't they provide a manual? I paid money in good faith that they would. Maybe it is just a scam so I now have to upgrade for $200 more in order to get the manual. But...
  15. B

    Need a Roland PC200 mkII manual / midi controller

    Hey People.... Thanks for letting me post: Sorry I'm not sure I'm even in the right area for this....please don't flame me.... I am in desperate need for a 'copy...of a Roland PC200 mkII midi controller manual. I bought one off ebay, but they didn't have one...I went to Roland...
  16. B

    Need a manual for a Roland PC200 mkII....Please!

    I could be out of line in my posting topic...I do apologize. I don't know where else to put it...but I need a manual for a Roland PC200mkII...does anyone know where I could get a copy? I would be indebted... Thanks Vern
  17. B

    Need manual for: Roland PC200 mkII

    I could be out of line in my posting topic...I do apologize. I don't know where else to put it...but I need a manual for a Roland PC200mkII...does anyone know where I could get a copy? I would be indebted... Thanks Vern :cry:
  18. G

    Studer A 820 1/4 inch 2-track manual

    We are looking for the manual for the Studer A 820 1/4 inch 2-track to do the alingment. If anyon has that info, please let me know.
  19. T

    Looking for Yamaha PM1D manual

    Hi, I have a job coming up and I need info on this model of soundboard. I've searched the Yamaha website and haven't found anything but software update specs. Any help would be appreciated, of course!
  20. C

    An owner's manual...?

    For a Sony TCD-D10 portable dat recorder. Thanks, Caine