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  1. pcrecord

    Mixing with Samplitude Pro X5 - (only included plugins)

    Mixing with Samplitude - You & Me & The Radio I've been doing this for a while. Once or twice a year, I like to download free tracks and mix them. It gives me a chance to adapt to different recording qualities and mind set. I mostly mix my own stuff, so I think it's a good exercise to do...
  2. pcrecord

    Mastering with explanations

    In this video I simulate what a mastering engineer would do to a mix. Of course, a true ME will use far more advanced tools than Ozone to do so, but I thought it would be nice to discuss what they look for and how a mix can be transformed. Disclaimer, I'm not a mastering engineer, I don't...
  3. pcrecord

    Golden Age Project - Comp-3A REVIEW !

    It took a bit of time but here is my review of the Comp-3A Let me know what you think ;)
  4. pcrecord

    mix critique Coming back - need second pair of ears !

    I can't remember if I ever posted one of my song here.. I haven't writen many over the years, but I had a week of vacation with not much more to do so here's one. I'd just like some opinion, is it worth publishing, any mistakes in the mix or master ? Thanks !
  5. pcrecord

    Magix CoreFX - Chorus and Flanger

    Hi, This is the first video that will cover, in deep, the effects included in Magix CoreFX. If you have questions or tests you would like me to do, feel free to ask !
  6. pcrecord

    A bit deeper into Magix Independence Sampler

    Hi gang, I made a video about this sampler software. It shows how easy it is to load samples and create our own sound bank. Please give me your opinions on the software and the video production.
  7. pcrecord

    mix critique Restoring old recordings of lost friend

    Hi gang, I shared my sadness for the lost of my friend Richard a few days ago.. I've been digging up my archives and found 3 songs I'm going to be restoring. This is going to be the first one. I recorded the drums and bass from scrach and using RX to remove some iss and hums here and there...
  8. pcrecord

    Remix of old recording - Comments needed

    Hi gang. I know I'm not posting my work often but I thought this was long overdue. I had a visit from a former customer. He came in as a trio in 2001, it was the second year I started to record. After a nice conversation and old stories. I went in my archives and found one of his song which...
  9. pcrecord

    Rode M1 vs Shure SM58

    Hi everyone, I just did a new video and would like your comments :
  10. pcrecord

    LDC Mic Shootout - ISA, T47, T12, C1 Mod, KSM32, KSM44

    Hi guys, Here is a new mic shoutout that includes 3 products from I had many questions about the mods and the DIY Kits. Hope you can hear the subtle differences. I'm still getting used to audio and video productions so your comments are needed and welcome. Btw, I'm not...
  11. pcrecord

    Bagetelle Flamenco - Audio video comments needed

    Hi Guys, I told you we would see this guy again ! ;) It was a hard song to mix because of the 4 part guitar beeing played with the same guitar. But I think I made it interesting. What do you think ?
  12. pcrecord

    Work showcase ; Live recording audio/video with M/S and T47

    Hi guys, We had this category a while back called showcase your work. It's been a while since I presented a recording on my own and after a while commenting on others, I thought I was due to post something This has been done with a friend last night. One take voc/guitar live recording with...
  13. pcrecord

    T47 DIY mic kit from

    Well a few of you already know I was working on this project I'm gonna do a few more video on the product with more compare tests with other mics. Thanks for any comments or questions Build and presentation of the DIY T47 mic from - YouTube by pcrecord posted Jun 12, 2016...