1. R

    Tips on what I should remove from my mixing chain before mastering...

    So I just finished mixing my record and am gonna start shopping around to get it mastered. I've currently got this chain on the end of my mix Waves NLS > EQ for mids > EQ for highs > Waves NLS > Cytomic Glue Compressor >Audio Damage ADverb > MidSide EQ > Waves NLS > SSL Compressor > Waves L2...
  2. S

    idea for post production??

    Okay so i'm going to edit using reaper, mix using studio one, then make finals and send them to a friend to master, and attempt to do my own master using samplitude pro x. is this a good idea.
  3. Massive Mastering

    Just some new pics -- I could swear there was a sticky, no? Move 'em if you need to.

    Not a whole lot has changed except for the "smallies" -- Tyler Acoustics Decade D4M's to go along with the 6'3" D1's. Finally, "little, crappy speakers" that don't sound so little - or crappy.
  4. audiokid

    Vinyl Records and analog remasters coming back?

    I'm doing research on remastering to vinyl. As some of you know, I'm investing in analog gear and hybrid summing and now looking into digital to vinyl remastering as a fun side line. If you are doing this, I would love to hear from you. Here is an example of what I am talking about: Vestax VRX...
  5. K

    need of assistance in mastering a track

    I've been trying to master this song for one of my clients and everything I do doesn't seem to work the way I wanted it. I used a multi-pressor, compressor, limiter, EQ, low-cuts, stereo spread, everything. The way it sounds now is not the way I wanted it. I want it louder without clipping (if...
  6. M

    Question RE: CD player song title / artist display

    Finished mastering a CD over the weekend. Gave the Master CD to the band. Their response: "Matt, this sounds AWESOME! Only one problem: When I put it in my CD player it doesn't display the titles or anything? We need that." I used CD Architect 5.2 (which came w/Sound Forge 10.0) to create the...
  7. S

    mastering Software??

    Im going to be opening a recording studio in the near future, and cant decide on what mastering software to use. I have PT 10 NOT HD and a C24 board. I have apogee interfaces and b2 bomber converters. Mastering i know nothing about and if anyone could tell me the pros and cons on...
  8. P

    Electronic Product Makers Anyone?

    Anyone here knows where to find electronic gadget makers and customizers? i have a product in mind..
  9. ClarkJaman

    Importance of Compressing Each Mono Track Individually

    Hey everyone, I am a rookie producer/engineer who has mixed and edited a couple albums, but I have never mastered a full length project. Usually when I master I just compress, limit, and dither the stereo track. But I have been hearing of people mastering each mono track individually. Is this...
  10. _ladySATCHMO

    Is My Song Ready to Even Be Considered Nice Enough to Buy?

    Hi. I just recently joined this literally 10 minutes ago lol. The reason for me posting this is because I'm considering entering this song to be licensed to a company looking for latin instrumentals to help get money for college. I still believe it has some work to do (especially since I'm using...
  11. H

    Distorted voice record

    Hi! I have huge problem with recording from my Sandisk Sansa Clip+ [with rockbox]. I set MP3, 320kbps ,48KHz. I can't re-record this. Does anybody know what should I do to restore this record? Sample [cutted and saved in wav]: [=""]WRZUTA -...
  12. thesteelydane

    When to apply noise reduction?

    I have tracked a recording of Bartok's 44 violin duets with a couple of vintage ribbon mics through a Manley tube preamp, while recording the reverb in the hall with a couple of sdc's, and I'm now mixing the album. the result is absolutely gorgeous but needless to say with that setup, I do have...
  13. E

    Buzz in recording

    Gear: Earthworks SR71, E-MU 0404 USB Piano: Baldwin Baby Grand Piano lid removed and 2 mics positioned about 3 ft above the piano, 1 mic pointed down at the treble end of the piano and the other mic pointed down at the bass end of the piano I'm getting a very faint buzz in my recordings...
  14. Sonic Studio

    Sonic Studio PreMaster CD to soundBlade Upgrade Offer

    Upgrade Your Mastering to soundBlade! We have an amazing soundBlade™ 2.0 upgrade special offer for PreMaster CD™ users. Right now through June 30, 2012, you can upgrade to soundBlade LE for $149 or soundBlade SE for a very limited special price of $199...
  15. T

    I know that everybody is gonna say don't try to master your own stuff but....

    I would like a few tips on how to improve my mixes not perfect them. My problem I have right now is that even when I like the sound I get and everything seems well mixed, my mixes are too quiet. I can't turn it up because it will peak and I don't just want to compress it. What are some good...
  16. audiokid

    Top 10 DIY Mastering Mistakes

    What do you think the Top 10 DIY Mastering Mistakes are?
  17. audiokid

    Greg Calbi Interview

    Cool interview some might enjoy: [=""]Greg Calbi Interview - PUREMIX[/]
  18. R

    Importing an Audio File into T-Racks 3 Deluxe Demo Version

    I have just installed the demo of T-Racks 3 and ran it stand alone and tried to improt an MP3 file of a Mix i had done earlier and it would not recognise the file format so I did a Mix of the same track to a 16 bit Wav file with a dither plugin across the Stereo Master and when I import it into...
  19. P

    Possibly stupid but very serious question about mixing/mastering.

    So I am at my wits end about where a mix ends and the mastering process begins. What I would really like to know is, are there certain rules of thumb (i.e. Bass frequencies should not be any lower that 20hz) when creating a mix? Or is it that when creating a mix, one is not concerned with how...
  20. T

    Opinion of Mastered Track

    Hi All, I'm just learning the art of DIY mastering and wanted to get your opinion of a track I've done. The original mix was given to me so I have no ability to remix (I'm not the hugest fan of the mix but you deal with what you have). Here are the links to the unmastered and mastered tracks...