1. Anticolour

    Mix/master critique

    Hi all, My friend and I have been working on a few post rock instrumental tracks for an EP. I like recording stuff and having fun with it and I've opted for a very low budget home "recording studio". This pretty much consists of SONAR home studio, an M-audio M-track Quad interface (4 channels...
  2. bouldersound

    Two days of mastering

    This is where I spent much of the last two days. I can admit being a little nervous having my mixes scrutinized in a room like this, but it all seemed to work out okay.
  3. DonnyThompson

    RIP Paul Buckmaster

    Paul Buckmaster, the genius instrument arranger, who worked with everyone from Elton John and The Stones to Keith Urban to Guns and Roses, has passed away at 71. I've studied his arrangements for decades; his orchestral arrangement of Elton John's Levon still blows me away, and it doesn't...
  4. Johnny Blade

    Samplitude - Parametric EQ vs EQ116

    I have a lot of old projects made in Samplitude Pro X, wich has its default Parametric EQ. Whenever I open these old projects in Samplitude Pro X3, the standardized EQ in the objects is still the old Parametric and not the current EQ116. :confused: Is there a way to convert Parametric to...
  5. Johnny Blade

    Samplitude - AUX/Output (Direct)

    Hello all! A little question: When we right click on the AUX slot either in Track Editor or in Object Editor, 3 options appear: AUX/Output (Direct), AUX/Output (Pre) and AUX/Output (Post). I know and understand very well about 'Pre' and 'Post', but I don't know what mens 'Direct'... What is...
  6. Johnny Blade

    Better workflow for mastering an album

    I would like to know what you all think about this: which, in your opinion, is the best workflow for mastering an album: 1 - 2 tracks (as traditionally compares to a game of chess); 2 - each song in its own track, so the project will have much more than 2 tracks (usually 10 or more tracks) I...
  7. zamboknee

    Need to beef up 'Wish You Were Here'

    I work at a radio station and years ago my boss asked me to adjust the intro on Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here'. Quick reasoning is that the transmitter automatically calls everyone when there's perceived 'dead air' and the intro was tripping the transmitter so it needed to be beefed up a bit...
  8. Steve Collins

    Mastering Survey. Please participate

    Hello. I'm an academic at Macquarie University. My colleagues and I are currently conducting a research project on mastering - how the practice is perceived and the impacts of 'DIY mastering' and online mastering services like LANDR. We're really keen to get the perspectives of professionals who...
  9. Johnny Blade

    Is T-RackS 5 'Master Match' similar to FFT Filter 'Sound Cloner'?

    T-Racks 5 is about to be released and one of the four new processors is the 'MASTER MATCH', that seems to be similar in the way that 'FFT FILTER SOUND CLONER' (a Samplitude's native plugin) works. I can be wrong, but at the first look it seems that the IK Multimedias' new tool is an...
  10. kmetal

    Mastering Your Demo Reel.

    Without having made the retail market with any of my recordings I've done over the years, the mix demos I put online are essentially the only way potential clients are gonna hear my work. I'm planning on possibly re mixing some old stuff, and a couple new things, to make my demo reel for my...
  11. DonnyThompson

    Ozone Elements - anyone with experience?

    Hi all... :) Was hoping I could get an unbiased review of Ozone Elements; if any of my RO brethren has it or has used it, and could tell me what you think about it. I've watched a few YT vids on it, some reviews, but was hoping my peers here could weigh in. Thanks! -d
  12. zamboknee

    Can't Get Rid of Clicks/Crackles with RX

    I'm trying to get rid of some clicks and/or crackles in an interview with Izotope RX 6. I tried the 'click' and 'noise' and even 'mouth click' settings (with various tweaking of settings) but can't seem to get rid of these noises. I've attached a sample of what I'm talking about. It's only on...
  13. Johnny Blade

    ASIO vs WDM vs MME drivers

    Could someone explain me the best driver for editing and mastering on a PC? I know that for recording the ASIO driver is the best due to its minimized latency, but I have a doubt if this same criterion applies in the case of editing and mastering on the computer. Is there a difference in the...
  14. Smashh

    Speeding song up after mixing ?

    Has anybody had success lifting the tempo up after mix using plugins or is there another way to do this without the warbling artefacts. We recorded a song at home and ,maybe we were too laxed out when we set the tempo at the start. I used a time /pitch plug in to speed it up , but the results...
  15. N

    What is wrong with this audio, and can I fix it?

    Hello everyone, I'm working with a voice actor in Japan. We send her scripts and she sends us back raw takes of her performances, which we then edit on our side. We really like her performances, but there's something weird about the sound files we get back from her. I'm not sure how to describe...
  16. Joey Racano

    BR1600CD master CD reproduction

    Hi folks, hope you can help- I love the BR1600CD, out of date or not. I have run into a problem though with mass production. I have the SCMS set to OFF, but my DSR8800 (which reproduces ten CD's at a time) can't read the master from the BR1600CD. It says: MSTR: Error
  17. JoaoSpin

    Song order (subjective?)

    Hi guys, here's something that I didn't find anything online about. When you've made all the changes to the master, what are your criteria do define the song order of the album? Do you start with the most energetic song, or do you start with the song that has the slowest build up? Do you take...
  18. Mahzin

    What mastering software use for the future?

    Hi people, how are you? I hope good! I am Marcos a mixing and mastering engineer from Brazil and actually I use Mac for mixing and mastering, but in the future I will go with a Windows notebook, because in the same computer my Pro Tools 12 opens with Windows and doesn't with OS X, I am convinced...
  19. G

    Mastering engineer said 16 bit wav file will be too loud?

    Ok im. confused... My mastering engineer sent me a 16 bit wav file...I sent this to cdbaby for distribution. CD baby ask for a 16 bit wav file and no other format. In conversation with the mastering engineer over Facebook chat. He has said that i shouldn't of sent the 16 bit wav file out for...
  20. B

    help isolating speech from a recording

    Have 29 sec audio need to know what is being said. Total novice. Use the Donnin and it makes it understandable. But not by everyone. Any takers?