1. JoaoSpin

    Master Bus vs Stereo Mix

    Hi guys, First of all thank you for maintaning this excelent forum. I have a question about mastering. Is there a considerable difference in the audio quality of the final result if I bounce the mix onto a stereo file and then load it up again and master, as opposed to simply applying the...
  2. kmetal

    SSD and RAM configuration questions (master/slave) PC Builds

    Hey y'all, @pcrecord @Boswell @anyone I'm getting ready to pull the trigger soon on some new PCs for an interim recording rig to be put together over the spring/summer. It's a job is to get me by for a couple years, and to be a prototype for a larger higher end system, and to help me gauge...
  3. pcrecord

    What is the most important step of an audio production ? (poll)

    Assuming the musician performance is pristine. What would be the most important part of our job as audio engineer to get the best recording?
  4. sunbambino

    Lopsided stereo file

    Hi on the Board, I am dealing with a track, preparing it for mastering, and actually it doesn't sound too bad but no matter what I do in Logic X to balance the stereo field (by panning instruments) I don't seem to be able to correct a strange asymmetry where peaks (?) reach right to the limits...
  5. R

    Monitoring Vocals with pre mastered track, low level monitoring?

    Hello, im new here but not to producing music. I mainly produce electronic music, but my brother is a singer that wishes to get into recording his own vocal performances over Karaoke tracks. In order to do this he has pruchased some gear Rode NT1, stand, pop shield, Rokit RP5, Reason Ballance...
  6. pEEN M.

    Studio Esprit Master 2073 Dual Preamp, anyone?

    Hi everybody, Recent lurker, first time poster! Does anybody have any experience with this guy here? Good or bad? How is the EQ? How much would you pay for one?
  7. vintagelover

    Imaging Problems M/S Mastering

    Hi dear recording community, i'm new, and i'm from abroad so please forgive my english. right to the problem: i have mixed a track and, for the first time, tried M/S for mastering, but it didn't work right. the imaging changed drastically and went to one side. the mid group as well as the...
  8. Percrastinate

    Offering Cost-Effective Mixing and Mastering Services via Fiverr

    Percrastinate submitted a new resource: Offering Cost-Effective Mixing and Mastering Services via Fiverr - Offering Cost-Effective Mixing and Mastering Services via Fiverr Read more about this resource...
  9. M

    useful FREE Plugins for Mixing & Mastering

    Hi, Any recommendations of FREE useful Plugins for Mixing & Mastering?
  10. M

    Really Need B&W Monitors for Mastering?

    Besides room acoustic, do we really need a B&W for Mastering reference? Or... a KRK 2.1 system will do? Perhaps, a Stereo pair does it job?
  11. O

    Removing artifacts produced by software

    Hello, I did a search and decided to just create a new thread on this specific topic. I am looking for advice on reducing or even eliminating (hopeful) the mechanical artifacts produced by audio software. An example is Audacity, a common and free application. The plugin included with Logic is...
  12. N

    Mastering Loudness Help

    hello i am using izotope ozone 7 to master my original songs and am having trouble with the overall loudness or dynamics of the things i master. for example when i listen to my reference tracks and turn up the volume on my headphones or monitors, i have no problem with distortion or have any...
  13. Kurt Foster

    Bob Katz home mastering studio

    I LOVE THIS! Bob Katz home mastering studio. kick back and master.
  14. Sean G

    Digital "Resolution" doesn't exist - Episode 21 | The Mastering Show Podcast with Ian Sheperd

    I thought this was worth sharing
  15. K

    Any tips for achieving superior-Clarity?

    Hello beautiful people, how is everybody doing (: While my heart mainly goes out to 70's & 80's music, I must say I am fascinated by the clarity that a lot of these modern tracks present in audio quality. I watched several interviews of Phil Tan, and he mentioned that as a rule of thumb he goes...
  16. N

    How would i go about getting a cassette mastered

    are there like tape pressing places that would take my cassette or do i need some kind of mastering deck.
  17. DCH

    Client Mandates Use of MP3s for Mastering New CDs

    I have a valued client that is mandating I use mp3s to "remaster" CDs for replication. Those new production CDs are then converted back to mp3s for posting on their website. I need more info to convince them this is a BAD idea. Suggestions? Links to professional data on the web? Personal...
  18. Sean G

    Mixing & Mastering at 96kHz

    Found this an interesting read on mixing & mastering at 96kHz and thought it would be worth sharing.
  19. S

    Is Exabyte format completly dead?

    I am getting rid of an old workstation which has an internal Exabyte 8mm tape drive. Would anyone have a use for it?
  20. DogsoverLava

    Stairway Mastering

    Per last post in the Stairway Mix thread I've settled on a mix for this particular vocalist. The unmastered 24 bit .wav file for that is here: So I've "Mastered it" My process following the recommendations in this thread...