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    Buying a 2nd hand Matrox g450 videocard. Need advice.

    For my new DAW i'm gettign a Matrox G450 dualhead 32mb card. Since my budget is limited i can only afford a 2nd hand. I've no experience with the card so i was wondering if it's trustworthy to get second hand?
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    Matrox (P750) users - read heare pls

    Hi If you have a Matrox P750 in your DAW and think it´s too loud, there might be a chance of influencing Matrox to look at a validated (won´t affect warranty) and easy (downloadable) solution for running the card in passive/silent mode. Short story: one of the mods (mr Haig) on the...
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    Matrox 550 or FX5200?

    Hello, I'm upgrading my pc and I want to get rid of my video card. It's a radeon 9500 which works ok for dual monitors, but I don't really like its fan. I was looking at the Matrox 550 but I saw that Scott and Guy use FX5200 for their machines (standard). FX5200 cards are about half the...
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    Matrox G450 video card settings

    I have just finished building a new DAW, see post: (Dead Link Removed) for details. I've tried several options, like disabling Bus Mastering, etc. and find it hard to notice a difference in one configuration or another. My question is; what are the optimal settings for this Matrox? Also...
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    I'd like to know why the Matrox G550 is being used in a

    I dont see how using a 3d Card is going to take away from audio harware acceleration... 3d Hardware acceleration is contained within the card it self... It uses its own memory and its own GPU. Now if the 3d card was onboard yeah thats sucks performance like no others (uses shared mem etc)...
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    matrox g400 vs. matrox g550

    i have the oportunity to buy the g400 for a good price...what's the diference between g400 and g550?...what do you sugest? thanks... gabriel
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    Which Matrox video card for DAW?

    I'm putting together a new workstation. I'll be running Sonar and Cool Edit Pro. I want dual monitors. From what I understand, a number of folks have had good success with the Matrox line. I'll be running XP Pro. So... which one? For a system dedicated to audio only (no gaming) should...
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    matrox video card: help please

    hi - i've got a little problem, and figured soem of the other audio-folk here use matrox video cards .. i will be doing some work from home and was given a matrox dual head card to use (how do i tell if it's g400 or g450?) - anyhow, i see that i can download drivers from the matrox site, but i...
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    Matrox Dual Monitor Card Install

    Having some problems installing my new Matrox G450 Dual Head card (32MB) ($105, Micro-Xpress). Here is a rough outline of my system (PC): ASUS TUSL2-C mobo w/ 512MB 2 X 40GB WD ATA/100 drives Sony CD-RW ASUS V7100 Pro Video (32MB - AGP) Intel PIII 1GHz CPU Windows 2000 SP2 (with all...