1. D

    Unwanted Metronome Recording

    Hi there, I'm recording on a HP Envy, via an Allen and Heath ZED 10X mixer. I've tried Sonar LE and Audacity, and in both cases, the metronome gets recorded in the track. Does anyone have suggestions as to reasons and remedies? Thanks.
  2. K

    Metronome VST (beats per minute)

    I'm looking for a metronome vst that does BEATS PER SECOND? Like on an electronic piano I use REAPER, and its metronome seems to only have one speed (?)
  3. R

    Using midi metronome to control effects....can it be done and how?

    Hi guys. I am looking to use a midi setup with a live 5 piece band. I am trying to use some form of programmable midi tempo/time signature track to also control effects for all the instruments. The effects may be rackmounted hardware or vst(i). I will probably use hardware for the effects...
  4. J

    record band with metronome?

    im wondering what most groovin rock bands do when recording. do they use a metronome or not?
  5. mikerotten

    my metronome is gone.....

    I got cubase 5... running thru a TASCAM US-1641 to 2 alesis studio monitors.... butttt when i enable the 2 measure click before recording or enable a click track to play nothing happens.... if i use the 2 measure click thing, it waits but theres no sound.... sometimes if i just click around in...
  6. G

    Need help with metronome/monitoring situation

    A friend of mine has need for a metronome to practice by and he needs a way to hear the metronome as well as what he is doing, which will be either electric or acoustic guitar. He doesn't have DAW capability and his budget is 'as cheap can be'. I suggested he use something with headphones but...
  7. T

    Automating Metronome in Logic

    Can it be done? I dont mean tempo. I mean volume. It makes sense to me to have it fluxuate correspondingly to the songs dynamics. But I just cannot seem to find out how. I'm guessing if it's possible, its going to be with klopfgiest, which I'm not embarrassed to admit I've never been familiar...
  8. M

    Feedback Metronome

    Hi all, this is my first post in the community. Hope you are ok guys. Here is my problem. Im trying to use my laptop to make some recording using Audacity. To keep the beat for my songs I'm using the default click track funcitonality (basically a metronome) and I start to record my guitar...
  9. D

    Problems changing metronome click sound in cubase

    Hello, I am hoping someone could please help me , I want to change the annoying metronome sound in cubase sx3 . I go into the transport option in the top task bar and go to metronome setup and can change the sound by triggering off a sound through a vst instrument via midi, but I have made a...
  10. S

    Recording: With or Without a click track/metronome?

    My bandmates and I have been recently encountering hardship when it comes to deciding how to begin the recording of an original song. We all know the songs very well and have established what we think is a decent quality recording (through practice and learning from our god-awful ones) and...
  11. HansAm

    Simple VST Metronome needed.

    I have some issues in Nuendo where i cant figure out how to route the metronome, besides that it just sucks. So i need a VST Metronome plugin! I'v tried MetroGnome. Its GREATE! until it packs and starts to artifact and everything goes FUBAR. So! Any tip on other VST audio metronome...
  12. S

    Cubase SX2 metronome output workaround

    Hi, It seems that Cubase wont let you send the metronome output to an individual bus so that only the drummer can hear it. Any ideas?? I can only think of syncing my drum machine and recording the analog click back into SX2. Thanks for your help. Scott
  13. S

    recommend a Metronome

    I need a metronome for the studio. I wanted input from the guys here on RO so I end up with one that is a good one. One that most people are already happy with. Or at least recommend one above the rest. I would like to use it for drummers in sessions as well as other instances.
  14. M

    Metronome in Pro-Tools

    Hey everybody! I know this is a ridiculous question, but I am tearing my hair out in frusteration! I just upgraded to a digi rack and pro tools LE, and I am having a serious friggin' problem: I can't figure out how to get the damn metronome to work!! I feel like a retard, because it...
  15. D

    Cubase recording with the metronome

    hi, i was wondering if anybody can let me know how to record an audio track with the metronome on and not actually record the metronome. Its driving me crazy! i had this configured before but my brother has been pi**ing around with my comp. Any help would be much appreciated Cheers :)
  16. J

    Metronome Which ones and why?

    I am looking to add a metronome to my studio. I am drowning in possibilities. What do u suggest and why? Thanks all! Joshua Clear Image Studios
  17. M

    Metronome with Cakewalk 4 P.E.

    Can anyone please tell me how to use the metronome with Cakewalk 4 P.E.? I see where the settings are for it, but I have no metronome sound durning recording and playback, on my Tascam FW-1884 the Midi out light blinks with metronome tempo, but still nothing. Please help? Also, I'd like to...
  18. D

    Metronome in Magix

    My band does a lot of time changes in songs (IE: 120BPM changing to 200BPM) and I'm having trouble figuring out how to use the metronome in Magix Music Studio 2004. In Cubase SX there's a thing called a "Tempo track" where you can physically look at a graph that shows how fast the metronome will...
  19. M

    Problems recording audio with metronome in Cubase

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here and it's a newbie question... I've got Presonus Firebox firewire interface and it came with Cubase LE. I've added an audio track to the project and I'm recording my guitar through the mic, however, it also records the metronome! I've tried switching it...
  20. J

    Metronome for recording?

    hey, I have a question about my metronome... it's integrated into my sonar 3 producers edition program and I can't seem to get it to work I have messed around with multiple options and still can't get it to make a sound while recording therefor the drummer and midi effects will not sound...