mic cabinet

  1. ThirdBird

    help me expand my mic cabinet (and possibly other front end improvements)

    currently own: 1 shure beta52 - dynamic 2 shure sm57 - dynamic 1 shure sm58 - dynamic 2 rode nt5 - small condenser 1 rode nta1 - large condensor things I am looking to improve recording of: guitar cabs bass cabs acoustic pianos other misc. acoustic instruments voices bass drum using 2 mics...
  2. Sidhu

    Addition to mic cabinet. Please dont kill me!

    What is available to me : 2 x M-Audio Solaris (main vocal mic) 2 x Octava 012 (Cardiod, matched pair from the sound room) 1 x Rode NT1A 2 x AKG 451, CK1 3 x AKG C518 clips 1 x AKG D5 1 x AKG C5 1 x AKG C747 1 x Sennheiser e602 3 x Shure SM57 1 x Shure Beta58 1 x Shure Beta57 1 x...

    Rounding out a mic cabinet...

    First of all, I wanted to say that I hope this message finds everyone here doing well and finding plenty of time for recording! Secondly, I'm looking for advice in rounding out a mic cabinet over the next year. I'm trying to make the cabinet as versatile as possible, without spending more...
  4. A

    How to build a budget mic cabinet

    Alright, for those of you who may already know me I kind of got off to a bad start on here, but uh, I need some advice...so...I don't know, don't like me then don't post. Now that I've actually used and heard some of the mics I've been looking at, well, I'm open to more suggestions. Alot...
  5. S

    What's in your mic cabinet?

    let's see how many forum member will list... i'll start: at4047 at4050 2 sm81 2 sm57 1 sm58 1 e906 2 D2 1 D112
  6. T

    round out the mic cabinet or?

    Hi all, trying to round out the mic cabinet, but not sure which way to go. Plus the getting a comp is nagging me. Guess I'm looking for a different color? mics: 414(1) c3000(1) sm81(1) BG4.1(1) audix Tr40"omni" (1) D2(2) 421mkii(1) e609'black'(1) ev408(1) Beyer MD201(1) you see I...