1. Chris Perra

    Weathervane/Decca Tree overhead micing setup..

    Did some testing with the Weathervane/Decca Tree overhead micing setup.. Took forever to setup.. Pretty cool.. too bad my ceiling is low..
  2. LSinoff

    Micing Live Performance of Sax Quartet

    I have a sax quartet and need to record our performances for some QC. The music we play are jazz standards and the arrangements have a lot going on in the inner voices. We need to be able to listen to our performances to check out how we balance on set vs in rehearsal. Our set up is usually...
  3. audiokid

    Royer New Video Series Micing a Guitar Cab

    https://www.youtube.com/user/royerlabs Blending Microphones: micing guitar cab with a Royer R-121 and a Shure SM57. Special attention to phase alignment and mic placement technique. [="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaAA0NqIEy0&list=UUXPBB4H_-57Mjw-QgFHpRmw"]View...
  4. D

    Classical vocal sextet miking?

    Hi, I've got a session tomorrow and Saturday with a classical vocal sextet and am looking for advice in terms of miking them. The mics I'll be using are a pair of Rode NT5's small diaphragm condensers and pair of Audio Technica AT4040 large diaphragm condensers. The venue is a small church...
  5. ThirdBird

    Creating Impulse Responses using MS micing technique.

    So, I sometimes use the SIR1 plugin for reverb (its free!). It takes impulse responses of different locations around the world to simulate reverb. You can even make your own, which I did. I took a pair of SDC's and recorded them in XY inside a giant staircase in my school. It sounds pretty cool...
  6. audioangel

    Les Mis Orch Micing Conundrum

    We are about to do Les Mis School's Edition and I have the lovely job of doing the sound. However, looking for some advice. This is the Orchestra... all single instrumentalists unless stated. Keys 1 Keys 2 Acoustic/Electric Guitar Bass Guitar Violin 1 Violin 2 x2 Viola x 2 Cello Flute Clarinet...
  7. L

    Micing Classical String Bass

    Thinking of solo classical string bass- I’ve had this come up twice this year. What do you all do for accent micing? Any success stories for Mains positions? My best success has been with a stereo 414s in fig 8, aimed at the lower portion of the front panel, with the null on the bridge-...
  8. audiokid

    Electric Guitar Micing & Reamp Turtorial

    Perfect tutorial on micing and reamping an electric guitar! [="http://www.puremix.net/video/recording/guitars/recording-electric-guitar-amp.html?affid=53M0N3X8QL"]Recording Electric Guitar Amp - pureMix Online Tutorials: Mixing, Recording, Producing Audio & Music[/] thumbs up!
  9. R

    Need Advice on Micing My Acoustic Guitar

    I've asked for advice here before on this but this is slightly different. I have a low end Ibanez acoustic with preamp and have been micing it with an AT3035 (the done away with version of the 2035 from what I understand). I've been recording straight into my Firestudio with the Ibanez' preamp...
  10. D

    Guitar amp micing

    Hi guys! A few days ago I heard a engineer saying that the best way to record the guitar amp is putting the cabinet (speaker) up something like a rack, chair, etc. Is it really true? Why? Is there some acoustic problem on this? Thanks everyone, and sorry for my english. Hugs Davi
  11. ThirdBird

    Micing Drums

    Drums: 4 piece 1970 ludwig with old zildjian cymbals, for indie rock/reggae style Recording chain: Presonus FireStudio (8 pre-amps) Sonar 8.5 (thanks recording.org!) My mic options: 1 Shure Beta 52a (large dynamic) 3 Shure SM57 (dynamic) 2 Rode NT5 (small condenser) 1 Shure SM58 (dynamic) 1...
  12. bohenlebroxmusic

    Mid-Side Stereo Micing Techneques w/o a Bi-directional Microphone

    I'm new here, so forgive me for being a bit green ;) Question: Is there ways to Mid-Side Stereo micing without a Bi-directional or Figure of 8 microphone Alternate techniques, to accomplish full/warm sound. Tracking: Acoustic Guitar Example...
  13. M

    Stereo drum micing

    I finally can record stereo drums but need some advice on which specific mic to put where. I have anSM58, a Sennheiser e835, an MXL 990, and an MXL 991 condenser. I have an ATM 25 on the kick, so that's taken care of. Just trying to figure out which mics should be left and right, which one I...
  14. Shanesaw

    Micing new BIG drums...

    I have concerns... My drummer just ordered a Ludwig Keystone kit with the two large floor toms, and 26 inch kick drum. It seems this is geared towards live?. The kick is sealed i believe and looks like it comes with Evans G2 heads for all toms. He also got the Ludwig Black Magic snare already...
  15. 2

    Micing a Classical ensemble?

    Hello all! I will be recording an original composition of mine and I'm lost on how to mic it with what I have... The performing ensemble will be: (solo voices) - Soprano - Alto - Tenor - Bass/ Baritone - Viola - Piano (9 foot grand) - Percussion (mallet- vibraphone, chimes, marimba, bass...
  16. J

    Tips for special micing on a drumset

    Hey guys! So, I have been quite proud of my abilities to mic up and edit a large drum set over the past few years, although it has all been natural drums that I have produced. With my current musical project I want to use Superior Drummer for the bass drum and possibly even the snare and/or...
  17. B

    need help micing upright bass in a live room.

    I'm having trouble getting a natural sound for an Upright Bass (contrabass) in a live room with drums. I've been micing the bass and distancing the player from the drums by 10 - 15 feet, i'm not an isolation junky so I don't mind getting the tracks a little messy. Any frequencies i'm not getting...
  18. J

    Kick drum micing technique...

  19. pbouldin

    Seeking your advice on micing a mandolin (live)

    Hi, this question is for a live performance. I play a mandolin and am interested in a high end mountable condensor such as a DPA 4099. Planning to use a wireless body pack, which I'd plug into a stage mixer. Here's my question - I'd like a foot switch to attenuate the signal depending when...
  20. M

    Electric Guitar Recording [Micing/Or VST] Help!

    Hello, quick question how do you guys normally record electric guitar? (I'm aiming for a pop punk sound.) Do you mic an amp, or do you use a VST Plugin? (If so please let me know which one.)