1. pcrecord

    How to choose a DIY microphone from microphone-parts.com (MicParts)

    I've been ask a few times lately about what model would be the best to order from MicParts. So in this video I test 3 mics, the T47, T12 and S87 At 2 min, I made a mistake and mention the U87 but it's in fact the U47 ;) https://microphone-parts.com/ Let me know what you think !
  2. pcrecord

    Golden Age Project - Comp-3A REVIEW !

    It took a bit of time but here is my review of the Comp-3A Let me know what you think ;)
  3. pcrecord

    S-87 Kit from Microphone-parts.com

    Hi gang ! After building a T47 and T12 I thought it would be great to have a U-87 inspired mic in my arsenal. So here is a video of the complete build. Comparaison comming soon !