microphone connections

  1. V

    how to use MXL 770?

    I have purchased the MXL 770 and connected it to my laptop with an usb-xlr cable like this one because my laptop doesnt has a microphone input : ( https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07WR14TYX/?tag=r06fa-20 ) And it don't seems to work neither on Fl Studio or Audacity. Im a total beginner for all what...
  2. kevin Calabrese

    Wiring a Telex 253 to XLR

    Hey Everybody, I just acquired an old telex 253: ..but it doesn't have a jack on the end of the wire. I was just wondering if anyone knows how I could wire this up to an XLR jack to use with my current recording setup. (Reaper on a PC with a ZED Fx 12 Mixer) Here's a link to the wiring...