1. I

    VXMBA BM-700

    So I had just recently bought this microphone and when I connected it I started recording some test audio. But when I played back the audio I can hear some weird noise. I don't know if its because something is interfering or if I hooked it up wrong. Can anyone help me?
  2. kmetal

    Interview with Nicholas Vernhes

    Came across this while web surfing, pretty cool, I like the vibe. The gear, whoa. This dude definitely puts money back into his craft! I honesty didn't know what a lot of the pieces even were.
  3. pietro94

    recording A cappella

    Goodmorning everyone, I wish I could record audio as much like in this video: link to youtube: Quando dal terzo cielo - Palestrina - YouTube Before buy expensive microphones, I would ask detailed advice on how it can be so well recorded this acappella group. Thank you Pietro
  4. L

    AKG C214 vs C314

    Hello there, I've had two C214 for a while, using them for home studio recording, mainly vocals and acoustic guitars/ukes. I'm thinking of upgrading to C314 (the desirable 414 being way too expensive for my budget), mainly for their ability to switch between different polar patterns. There...
  5. C

    Recording wearing masks - Who Can Solve This?

    Hello Dudes and Dudets, So. Here is the scenario.. We have an important project at hand, that requires myself and a partner to film an interview scene, where at times she will stand up and walk around, and at times so will I. 80% of the recording takes place seated, but the remaining 20% is...
  6. V

    Radio Podcast Equipment

    Hey there! I've been doing a Podcast for a while now but recently I've decided to step up my game a bit and start a daily show, but I need more serious equipment and I don't really no much about these hardwares. I've been foolish enough to buy the Rode Podcaster, which as far as I know is a...
  7. N

    Audio Technica AT2020: Help with too much background noise

    Audio Technica AT2020 Help with too much background noise So i’m using my microphone for live streaming games and lets plays and youtube I may have made a mistake in buying a Audio Technica AT2020 USB a while back , it picks up WAY TOO much background noise. A tiny soft bird tweets in the...
  8. audiokid

    Vocal Mic Shoot-out (Neumann,Blue,Rode,Audio-Technica,ADK,Shure)

  9. M

    Help with Microphone Recording Issue

    Hi, Newbie here. I have just set up my new Microphone + Phantom Power unit and tried to record some audio. (Just talking.) However, whenever i speak too loud (Loud, but at a level i want.) my PC makes this noise:* (Windows Hardware Remove noise.)* This causes my audio recording to...
  10. Sean G

    Warm Audio WA87

    Just launched at AES 2016...would be interesting to see how it compares to the real thing.
  11. G


    Hello, I'd like to have some advice about how to avoid, during the field recording, the mechanical noise due to the contact of the wires of the mics hiting each other or maybe hiting the grip holding the microphones. Can I find in commerce a special grip for the cables? How do you usually solve...
  12. Jeremy Dean

    Shure PE505P

    Hey everyone, I found a Shure PE505P online. I tried to do some research on it and I am finding almost nothing. The closest to it I can find is a PE50SP. I can't even find any stats or a diagram on it or anything. All I've found is the mics around this time period are basically sm58's...
  13. audiokid

    10 Things You Might Not Know About the SM58

    This year Shure celebrates the 50th anniversary of the world’s most popular mic, the Shure [="http://www.shure.com/americas/products/microphones/sm/sm58-vocal-microphone"]SM58® Vocal Microphone[/]. Loyal users know that this rugged and reliable mic sounds great. But many may not know some of the...
  14. G

    Ribbon Microphone Tuner (Tensioner) Project

    Hello again, just though I’d post a recent update on my quest to make re-ribboning a ribbon microphone easier. This time up, a Ribbon Tuner (Tensioner) jig. This has interchangeable carriers for different ribbon microphone trusses. So far I’ve made Carriers for Rick’s...
  15. E

    Renowned garage rock producer Owen Penglis' fav mics

    We asked renowned Aussie garage rock producer Owen Penglis (also plays in garage rock band Straight Arrows) to talk about his favourite mics, how he uses them and why he can't live without them - http://enmoreaudio.com/owen-penglis-favourite-mics-of-all-time/ What are your fav mics ever?
  16. A

    How to lower SPL by 30 - 40 dB

    Hi all, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I want to take a shot: I have a circuit with small silicon microphone that has acoustic overload at 128db, however environment where I am going to monitor sound can get louder than that so I need to reliable lower incoming sound...
  17. kmetal

    Same drums different rooms YouTube video

    this is pretty cool, I wish the clips were longer but pretty remarkable difference among rooms. Also insteresting to me was they used and RME/ISA 828 combination. This is similar to @pcrecord marcos setup I belive. Man does that big room sound and look spectacular imho!!
  18. L

    33 1/3 rpm definition- urgent!

    Hi, I'm a completely vinyl beginner and I'm trying to find on the web some answers to my question but I can't find anything that helps me to understand it completely.. So, can anyone please explain me what does "33 1/3 rpm" actuallly mean? If I'm told to give audio materials for cutting in "33...
  19. kmetal

    Vance Powell breaks down one of his recordings

    man this thing sounds pretty freakin good! Not much processing, and a few 'standard' pro outboard peices. Shows just what good tracking technique and a good band and arrangement and room could do. I wish my mixes sounded as good as these raw tracks!!
  20. B

    Taking the plunge.....tracking live drums

    Decided to finally utilize my Mackie board for recording, so spent the day tuning and mic'ing drums. I am sticking with a basic 4 mic setup (kick, snare, ohL,ohR), but am also close mic'ing the toms to mix them with the OH's. The OH's will be basically the room sound, natural reverb. Setup is...