1. DonnyThompson

    Recording Upright Bass

    Hi gang. I have a good friend, whom I have played with, both live and in the studio for many years, he's a great bass player, very melodic and tasteful, whom I am calling in to track an upright bass for a song that has an early 1950's sort of Capitol Records vibe ( think Sinatra, Bennet, Cole...
  2. audiokid

    Ocean Way Microphone Collection plug-in

  3. Smashh

    Recommendations for mic / comp for live

    Hi , need help deciding on mic and comp for live performance. At the mo my wife uses 58 beta into presonus live desk ( below unity gain ) . She has a big dynamic range . We do some jazzy stuff with not much pressure to blues where she belts it out . She uses mic technique ,but at times pulling...
  4. Peter Mézeš

    Low volume mic recording issue

    Good evening all! I am very new at sound recording, had my first recording session just today. I have some experience with music mixing and stuff, but from electronic music. Midis, vst, etc. Not live instruments, mics, .. But it is something what attracts me for a long time, not just to record...
  5. Henrique Fantato

    Large Ensemble Recording Problem

    Hello all, I need some tips for recording an Large ensemble( something about 60-70 musicians) in an large auditorium (300 people capacity). It's a charity job for a project of my church, so the equipment is, unfortunately, low budget. I actually have a Roland R26 recorder, a Audio Technica...
  6. rojarosguitar

    AKG C451E and C460B with different capsules (CK1, CK1S, CK3, CK 61, CK22, CK62)

    Hello, I'm new here and I don't know how much interest for this kind of stuff is there, but anyway: I did some comparisons between different combinations of AKG bodies and capsules; the file names are more or less self explaining. 460JW is Jim Williams moded 460B body, 460Stock is the stock...
  7. rojarosguitar

    Using AKG CK94 Capsule on C451E or C460B possible?

    Hello, is there a way to connect the AKG CK94 figure eight capsule with a C451E or C460B body? Some kind of adopter? Advice much appreciated
  8. TheWeez

    Micing drums?

    I stopped recording about 8 years ago and just recently decided to get back into it. I have a decent set of drum mics but they do not include any "overhead" mics. I ended up using two large condenser mics that I normally use for vocals but what I'm finding is that the snare comes out really...
  9. audiokid

    Sweetwater Vocal Mic Shootout Discussion

    Sweetwater’s Lynn Fuston and Mark Hornsby with the help of Millennia HV-3R mic preamps, a few assistants and two studio vocalists, evaluated 50 vocal mics at their Russ Berger-designed Studio A. The goal was to make vocal recordings with the fewest possible variables and the cleanest signal...
  10. brettryantalley

    Blue Spark vs MLX 990s for home recording (acoustic & vocals)

    hey all. visiting family & planning on doing a little recording with my niece. the only mic i've ever really owned is a studio b1 from like 2002. it died on me & i need to get one really quick and don't want to spend more than $100. I know...not much. Guitar Center has a MXL 990s Patriot...
  11. P

    Earthworks QTC50 and Audient ASP800 - recording Vivaldi's Four Seasons

    Hi, I made a recording with a couple of Earthworks QTC50 going to Audient preamp ASP800. Just fell in love with this combination. Still there is more to search on, did use the clean path of the Audient, will try to test the saturation possibilities next time to see if I can make the sound even...
  12. DonnyThompson

    Drum Overhead Mics Time/Phase Alignment

    So for years now, at least since DAWs have given us the ability to move audio files around by infinitesimal amounts within a time line, I've both read and talked to other engineers about time aligning the overhead drum mics to the Snare and Kick... I know there's also software available that can...
  13. J

    Suggestion on Classical Piano Recording? AT2020USB vs H4n vs Rode NT4.

    Hi. I'm very new to recording and looking to record a classical piano performance in a small studio that could be used for pre-screening in applications for music schools. There is not much guideline on the requirement for the pre-screening material, but I want to make it as professional as...
  14. nsureit

    New Vintage Mic Day x 2

    I am always a sucker for cool, older microphones that critics say still have great mojo. I was interested in enhancing my inventory of acoustic instrument microphones (guitar, piano, drums, winds), and read some articles about the 1970s-90s era AKG C451E. I found a pair for a good price, and...
  15. pcrecord

    Back to basics - mic choice

    Hi to all ! I post a link to my video here hoping it can help someone. I'm also interested to read your comment. This one was a bit harder on my spelling, since there is a lot of text and I did it live (multiple takes of course) Feel free to tell me if it's not appropriate to post all my...
  16. Tapdiq

    Muddy Recording

    Hi! I have Komplete Audio 6 and Motu 624 audio interfaces and Rode Nt 1000 and another chinese condenser mic Takstar pc-k550 . I don't know why but when i'm record vocals i always get muddy sound , i tried everything but with no luck. This is not mixing issue , dont advise me cut everything...
  17. I

    How to remove electrical noise in recording

    Hi , I am hearing some electrical noise through my speakers. I am using shure sm57 dynamic mic which is connected to focusrite saffire pro 14 interface. When I touch the microphone out pin, I hear this noise is getting reduced. I suspect this issue is due to some ground loops. Can any one...
  18. F

    Microphone Ground Loop problem

    Hi, I have a new microphone and it has a electrical buzzing sound when i try to record using it. It is not the soft buzzing sound that can be removed, after searching up about it i realised that it should be the cause of ground loop. So i decided to buy a ground loop insolator for the problem...
  19. kmetal

    Vocal Pre Production Vid (SOS)

    Thought this was pretty cool, some of the more experienced will likely already do a lot of this, but around @14:00 he discusses phase relationships, as pertaining to vocals. Something I never considered was what he referred to as ‘acoustic phase’ on the vocal. Cool stuff. Good little shootout...
  20. Josh Jones

    Issues with ADAT Recording

    Hi everyone! I am currently having an issue when multi track recording a worship band at my church, I have a the sound desk that goes into my 8 channel pre amp and the pre amp connects into my 8 channel interface via ADAT, which then connects into my laptop through USB. The problem is, is that...