1. J

    Recommendations for Mid Side Shotgun mic Setup?

    So I am fairly new to folly audio recording. I was looking around youtube for how folly artist (from a beginner standpoint) typically would go about getting into folly sound production. One video recommended that I could start with a mid side audio setup for doing stereo and mono sound and...
  2. audiokid

    Mojave mics - Richard Chycki on the Mojave MA-1000 and recording Dreamtheater

    Richard Chycki on the Mojave MA-1000 and recording Dreamtheater Engineer Richard Chycki on the MA-301fet and recording Dreamtheater Dream Theater - Pull Me Under [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
  3. T

    I need help with Phantom Power and Mics!!!

    I'm looking at purchasing my first condenser microphone. I currently already own a mixer that I was planning on using with the mic that I buy, this mixer is an Alto ZMX52 however I'm having a big issue deciding which Microphone to buy due to phantom power. The mixer I currently have has an 18v...
  4. Elmar

    What mics for death metal drums?

    Hello there, next weekend i want to record a drum kit (death metal). I have the following microphones: - 2x Sennheiser MD 421 - 1 pair of Oktava MK-012 - 2x AKG D190C - 5x Beyerdynamic M69N - 1x Audio Technica AT4040 Which mic should i use for what? about every tip I would be happy Thank...
  5. janos.papp

    Mics in noisy areas, recording a distant but significant signal

    Hello! I have a use case, where I need microphones in traffic situation, attached them to a car. The estimated noise in this situation is around 56dB. In our use case, we shall detect ambulance/police/fire truck sirens from a distance, where usually people ears can listen as well. What kind of...
  6. P

    Mics for Pipe Organ (+ others Instruments)

    Hello everybody, I'm relatively new to the recording world... Since years I'm an enthusiast audiophile but I never delve into the recording world. I'm also a professional musician, play both organ (pipe organ and hammond organ) and piano. I'd like to buy a couple of mics to record primarly...
  7. pcrecord

    Best noise removal tool for recorded interview (with lavalier mics)

    Hi gang, Like a few knows, I started to offer video services along with audio recording. I'm working on a few projects but the one that gives me a bit of challenge is an interview recording. The Customer asked no microphones would be seen in the picture so I opted to lavalier mic. I've got 2...
  8. audiokid

    What are your favorite AT mics?

    I am gathering data on mics for our community. There seems to be a lot of love towards Audio Technica mics here. They are first on my list as great value and quality. What are your favorite AT mics for vocals, voice-overs, instruments, drums, room/overheads etc? Is there an AT mic that...
  9. E

    Renowned garage rock producer Owen Penglis' fav mics

    We asked renowned Aussie garage rock producer Owen Penglis (also plays in garage rock band Straight Arrows) to talk about his favourite mics, how he uses them and why he can't live without them - http://enmoreaudio.com/owen-penglis-favourite-mics-of-all-time/ What are your fav mics ever?
  10. J

    What mics would you use?

    Hey guys. New to this forum. My band is going to be demoing Drums (possibly "tracking" if it sounds good) for an ep here in a few weeks. Outboard gear is fine, close mics for drums are fine. Room is...bad. I'm aware of it, I'm doing what I can with it. Its a tall cement room. 20 ft tall. 15x15...
  11. DogsoverLava

    Two mics, different types different distances from guitar... how to check and avoid phase issues?

    Been experimenting with using two mics on my acoustic - an SM57 (dynamic), and a single RODE M5 (a condenser). I generally blend these (with the 57 doing most of the work) but the RODE still contributing. The 57 is generally up pretty close -anywhere from 8 to 12 inches, and the Rode is about...
  12. A

    Orchestra recording-which hanging mics here

    Some of the orchestras I've seen have engineers using various types of mics hanging from the ceiling and I've been wondering which ones the tiny ones are in this video from Symphony Hall,Boston. From what I've seen they generally use maybe a half dozen hanging across at the front of the stage...
  13. DonnyThompson

    Cathedral Pipes Micro-Amp for Passive Mics

    From Cathedral Pipes, the Durham Micro Amp Buffer, designed to add up to an additional 25db of clean, transparent gain for all passive microphones. It uses typical 48v Phantom Power - found on most mic preamps - to add more db to low-output passive mics, which often require ramped-up gain levels...
  14. audiokid

    What Audio Technica 40 Series mics do you recommend most?

    We're doing an AT - Audio Technica promo until Dec 31, 2015. This thread is here for us and them. (y) We have an opportunity to get: "REBATE: Buy a select 40 Series Microphone and receive FREE ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones with qualifying purchases between September 1, 2015...
  15. Kurt Foster

    Luke Audio mics?

    any one here know anything about them? they have 3 models available but i can't find much info as to what these mics are. i did learn the AL-46 is a 251 clone ..... wondering about the AL-80 and AL-69
  16. S

    Looking For Matched Condenser Mics

    OK, here's the scoop. I bought a Tascam DR-40 a couple of weeks ago and I love it. The built-in in mics are great. So now I want to get a set of match condenser mics that are as good or better than the DR-40 mics. I looked for the frequency chart for them but can't find anything. So does any one...
  17. C

    Stereo Mics/ 2 to 8 channel interface

    Hey guys. I have a class trying to find a good but affordable pair of stereo microphones and a 2 to 8 channel interface. I'm looking for anything good for instrumental recording for both large ensembles and solo recording. I'm a beginner, so I'd appreciate any help you guys could give me. Thanks
  18. Vitalie Andries

    Neumann mics and these

    Neumann M147 tube + Avalon 737sp Neumann u87 + Vintech X73i or Neumann M147 tube + Vintech X73i Neumann u87 + Avalon 737sp ...that would be your choice? :) thanks
  19. audiokid

    guitar mics - Royer R121 Shure SM57

  20. D

    Deciding between large diaphragm condenser mics

    I'm replacing my old crappy AT2020 with an upgrade. I have a budget of about $500 or less. I would only use this mic for acoustic guitar and vocals These are the mics I am currently considering: sE Electronics 2200a II Avantone Audio CV-12 Sennheiser MK-4 Rode NT-1000 Rode NTK I know its...