mid-side processing

  1. jjitter

    Mid-Side plugin v/s Mono switch

    Is listening to the Mid of a Mid-Side plugin inserted on a stereo track the same as turning on the mono switch on the stereo track? I read some using the word almost. Never really got a confident yes or no. Really looking forward to understand Mid-Side. Thanks!
  2. C

    Mid-side mic recommendations?

    I am doing some mixing for bar bands and camcordering the result for my YouTube channel. My camcorder audio is poor so I am looking into upgrading it. I have selected the Zoom T24 as the audio recording device and am investigating microphone techniques. Since the audience participation is such...
  3. Tony Carpenter

    Figure 8 mic

    Hi guys, Not sure how it really happened, but I've never added a figure 8 capable mic to my locker. Still love my original At4033a and my original NT2 Rode. Now I've another Rode, NT2a. Looking forward to testing this as a room mic for acoustic guitar.
  4. vintagelover

    Imaging Problems M/S Mastering

    Hi dear recording community, i'm new, and i'm from abroad so please forgive my english. right to the problem: i have mixed a track and, for the first time, tried M/S for mastering, but it didn't work right. the imaging changed drastically and went to one side. the mid group as well as the...
  5. jarjarbinks

    K-System calibration

    Hi Folks. Why is the K system calibrated at 83dB? It feels too high a level to work for hours on end. I went to a professional mixing room today and calibrated the monitors to 83dB according to the Ksystem guidelines: 1. Setup a pink noise generator at -12dB (-12dB, -14dB or -20dB, depending...
  6. pcrecord

    Dirty secret of M/S mic setup ??

    Hi there, I've been using this setup more and more in the last year and I thought I'd share a little thing I found. First for those who doesn't know how M/S capture is done : (link removed by UA) Now my secret : It doesn't work !!! (well not perfectly that is) Got your attention ?? Let...
  7. JohnTodd

    M/S with one mic?

    I've got one input left on my Firepod to record drums. Found a good sounding room and would like to have a stereo room track. I have a ribbon that picks up Figure-8 nicely. I've used this ribbon for M/S with an SM57 as mid, and it works nicely after EQ tweaking. I know I can "try things...
  8. J

    M/S Mastering.

    Hi, my name is Jorge Carvalho, i´m a student at School of Arts from Catholic University of Porto. I´m doing my master's degree in Sound Design. My dissertation is about the M/S Mastering Technique, and if you are a master engineer, i like to make if possible a few questions regarding this...
  9. moonbaby

    I want an M-S mate for my Beyer M160

    I'll keep this brief... I lost a Beyer M130 and 1 of 2 M160's I have owned for several years. It happened in a bizarre way that makes me sick to even think about. Now I want a figure-8 ribbon to go with the lonely M160. I COULD just buy another M130, I have about $1K to play with for a new mic...
  10. audiokid

    integrate the Liaison with the Dangerous Master

    Thanks Bob Rodgers for turning me onto these videos. The Liaison is on my list now.thumb I own a Dangerous Master and love it. Check this out. Looks like its going to cost around $2400.00
  11. H

    Undo a M/S matrix recording

    Recently I bought a new device, the H4n and I turned on the M/S Matrix feature. I did not know it applied to the XLR inputs so I M/S Matrixed a source that was already perfect stereo. I know there is a way through inversion and all sorts of other stuff to create an M/S mix after the fact...
  12. R

    K System/K Metering

    Hi, I've been doing some reading on the K System and was curious to know if this system has become industry standard yet (or will in the future?). I really like the concept. I've noticed a few mastering plugins out there are offering K-metering (K12, K14 and K20) features as an alternative to...
  13. audiokid

    (term) M/S Mastering

    M-S Mastering The use of a middle (M) and a side (S) signal instead of the usual L/R (X/Y) signal can result in a much more selective and musical processing. The main reason for splitting the L & R stereo mix into M (sum of L and R) and S (the difference between L and R) is so that different...
  14. audiokid

    (term) Ms stereo

    The mid-side (M-S) stereo recording technique puts the center of the soundstage (mid) in one channel and the side information in the other. These mid and side channels can be adjusted and reconfigured to accurately represent a conventional left and right stereo image (on their own, they do...
  15. audiokid

    (term) Mid-side

    A coincident-pair stereo microphone technique using a forward-facing unidirectional, omnidirectional, or bidirectional mic and a side-facing bidirectional mic. The microphone signals are summed and differenced to produce right- and left-channel signals.
  16. audiokid

    SPL M/S Master

    Here is a press release that I just published. I find it especially interesting and timely because I am really jacked up over OTB summing. Now this has just been released. Maybe some of you might want to chat about this here. Here is the article...
  17. G

    Mid Side Concept

    Didn't want to distract from the point of the other thread. Jack, have some morning juice, you're not making sense yet :D So if you isolate the side mic which is the fig 8 mic, since the front end is Ve+ and the back side Ve- then wouldn't panning hard left give you the Ve+ signal and...
  18. L

    MS with 3 cardioid mics

    Is it possible to do MS with 3 cardioids instead of 1 cardioid and 1 figure 8?
  19. N

    M/S Compression Setup/ ITB/Sonar 7.0.2

    I have been everywhere without a clear cut explanation. Maybe you guys can help... M/S Compression/Mastering/In The Box I am looking for a definite routing scheme to use in a mastering situation. I have one stereo track with the song loaded onto the track. This track is output to the...
  20. P

    M/S mic'ing: substitution of bi-directional mic?

    I've been wanting to experiment more with the Mid-Side technique, but I don't own a bi-directional / figure-8 microphone. Would I get comparable results standing in two identical cardioid LDCs for the side mic? Some provocations: 1.) The two LDCs I have in mind have good off-axis rejection...