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midi controller

  1. sshack

    Looking for a Midi Controller

    I'd like to get an inexpensive controller, say around 49 keys to use for/with the synth, pad, etc. plugins in my DAW. Running an iMac with LE8. Around $200 would be nice. From what I can tell, I should be able to get some kind of reasonable controller USED for that price. I don't think I...
  2. T

    Mapping Midi controllers in Reason

    I have an M-Audio Oxygen 8 V2 Keyboard/Controller (Pretty basic I know but will do for now) and have been using it in Reason for a while, mainly just the keyboard but would like to make use of the controllers on it. When I purchased it I read the manual and it said that there was a preset for...
  3. D

    midi controller problem- touch sensitivity is backwards

    if i lightly touch a key it plays the sample back at full volume. if i hit the key hard it can barely be heard. what is this all about? i checked the setting on the controller (fatar no internal sounds) it has worked fine for years and all of the sudden this happens. thanks
  4. P


    When I play the midi notes Im getting pops and clicks even when I record in logic I get the pops and clicks . Has anybody had this issue and how do I solve it?
  5. S

    Resetting Midi Controller

    Is there any way I could reset my E-MU XBoard 49 Key? I bought it hardly used from Guitar Center, and when I play a note on the controller it is just slightly delayed when it comes through my speakers. I am pretty sure I set it up right, and installed everything correct. Could I reset it? Is it...
  6. CombatWombat

    Will this work as a midi controller?

    I am incredibly new to MIDI. In fact, I really don't have a clue what I'm doing yet. I have a Korg SP200 that has midi in and out. Is that all I need to control VST instruments? There is no switch on it that will mute the keyboards internal sounds. While reading through the Cubase manual...
  7. Y

    88 key midi controller for under $750

    just curious to what everyone's opinion would be. I was looking at the m-audio 88 weighted key midi controller/workstation for about $325, but have heard some complaints that the weighting on the keys tend to screw up after some use.
  8. M

    multiple midi controllers

    Im pretty new to the world of midi. i was just curious about the best way to hook up 2 midi controllers which will control two separate soft synths. I will be using this at live shows. I have a firebox which has one input and one output. would i need to get a midi usb interface?
  9. N

    MEGA QUANDRY: MIDI Controllers in pro tools le 7.0 mbox 2

    Okay, so here is the situation. i am a novice, everyone keeps sending me links to random forums, and i can't get an exact answer. I have an oxygen 8 midi controller. all the drivers are updated, and i can access it in protools. i set up a midi track, and i can see the signal. when i hit the...
  10. N

    MEGA QUANDRY: Oxygen 8 Midi Controller and Protools LE

    I just bought a protools Mbox 2 system, a new laptop PC, and a midi controller. Im running my oxygen 8 through the usb port, my guitar through input 1, and my condenser through input two. Although im only trying to record guitar, my computer seems to only record my midi controller data, which is...
  11. O

    Midi Controller help!

    I just bought a M-Audio Keystation 61es midi controller. I'm very new to the whole MIDI thing! Sorry! I have a Phonic Helix firewire mixer that came with Cubase LE. I'm using Windows XP. I can't seem to get the controller to do anything! I tried to follow all directions in the manual and it is...
  12. R

    Wind/Saxophone MIDI controller

    I'm looking for a good wind MIDI controller that resembles the fingering on a saxophone. What's a good one?
  13. W

    Roland MKB-300 Midi Controller

    I have a MKB-300 Midi contoller keyboard that does not have a power cord. There are no specs on the back of the keyboard, and I don't have a book either. Does anyone know if there was a specific type of cable/power supply that came with the original? The power hookup on the back is square and...
  14. M

    Digital Interface, Midi Controller, and Mic Advice

    (All prices reffered to are street prices) Hey, I'm just starting out and have a 3 part question: I have an M-Audio O-Zone and am not too thrilled with it anymore :( ; no master volume, no endless knobs, weak pre-amp. I want to start recording vocals and electric guitar and wouldn't...
  15. S

    How much has midi controller helped you?

    For the people who already have keyboard workstations and have a DAW, how much does the midi controllers like Korg Kontrol or Behringer BDF2000 has helped?
  16. S

    Keyboard Midi Controller.......so many choices...

    I have been lookin around for a midi keyboard controller that I will be using with Reason 3.0. Only needs to be 25-30 keys, I am in no way a skilled keyboard player. I just need somethin to bang out bass lines, melodies and beats. Definately has to be velocity sensitive and it would nice to...
  17. C

    midi controller for voice processor??? pls help...

    Hey Everyone, I just bought the TC Helicon Voice Prism Plus Voice Processor. I love the sound it produces but I got to thinking...I am going to need to have variables on some of the effects change and be manipulated throughout the songs at different points in time, so I think I need a midi...
  18. T

    Midi Controllers, DFH Superior, and other questions

    I'm new to midi and would like to purchase a Fatar TMK-37 MIDI Controller because quite frankly...it's $39.99! I want to use this to create drum loops and also some keys here and there. Is anyone familiar with this unit, and will it be decent for what I want to do? Next question....is DFH...
  19. M

    Midi Controller Madness!

    Hi Everyone! I have having huge problems with my music setup. I am using a Casio CTK-691 keyboard as a controller keyboard through a Tascam US-122 into Cubase SX1. Here's the problem. Say I have several audio tracks and several midi (e.g. edirol orchestra). If I record a midi line, the...
  20. B

    Need a Roland PC200 mkII manual / midi controller

    Hey People.... Thanks for letting me post: Sorry I'm not sure I'm even in the right area for this....please don't flame me.... I am in desperate need for a 'copy...of a Roland PC200 mkII midi controller manual. I bought one off ebay, but they didn't have one...I went to Roland...