Midi sync question, ground control pro, sp16, voicelive rack

    how do synch my sp16 so that I can trigger loops via my voodoo lab ground control pro footswitch. I can't figure out how to set up my rig to trigger the SP 16 to stop playing with a midi command coming from the GCP foot switch. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  2. pcrecord

    What is MIDI ? (video)

    Hi gang, I've been ask this and thought it would be nice to share here. What is midi ? For the longest time the midi language served musicians even if some weren't aware of it. In this video, I try to demystify what is midi and how it is integrated to modern music.
  3. P

    Tuning a snare electronically

    Hello, I'm a pop producer and most of the time use MIDI for my productions, especially my drums. There was a particular snare that I heard from a YouTube video online that I would like to learn how to duplicate on my own. Is there a way I can tune a similar sounding snare in Logic Pro to match...
  4. pcrecord

    A bit deeper into Magix Independence Sampler

    Hi gang, I made a video about this sampler software. It shows how easy it is to load samples and create our own sound bank. Please give me your opinions on the software and the video production.
  5. Y

    Recording MIDI keyboard with/without Audio Interface?

    Hi, Been wondering whats the best way to plug everything: Hardware: MAudio Code 49 - midi controller Steinberg UR22 MKii - audo interface Software: FL Studio 12 Windows 10 So I had MIDI keyboard before I had an Audio interface. That got succesfully plugged in to an USB port in my laptop...
  6. Sel0001

    MIDI Sample Pad to use with SP404 sx

    Does anyone know of any sample pad devices that I can connect to my SP-404sx. The idea is to use this sample pad to trigger sounds from the SP-404sx. The sample pad doesn't need to have the capacity to hold sounds, it just needs to be able to be used to control the SP404s pads via MIDI. Ive...
  7. A

    Cubase AI: where do I store MIDI plug-ins?

    Running Cubase AI 9.5 under Windows 10. I'd like to add MIDI plug-in effects. When I download one, in which folder should it be stored? How do I then apply it to a MIDI track, as there are no MIDI plug-ins installed with Cubase AI?
  8. B

    Seeking Help to Diagnose and Solve Problem with MIDI Drum Recording

    Hello friends, I'm seeking help to determine the problem I'm having when recording a MIDI file from my electronic drum kit. Equipment: Alesis Crimson Mesh Head Electronic Drum Set USB MIDI cable (direct from the ekit to my computer) Samsung laptop Sony Acid Pro 7 Line 6 POD Farm Line 6...
  9. crystaldrone

    Recording with lower midi velocities

    Hello All, I am relatively new to recording and this looks like a good place to ask questions and talk to the pro people. I have been recording some of my own music and noticed that most of the vst instruments have sound so much better at lower midi velocities. And have a tone and attack at...
  10. K

    Pro Tools 12 MIDI - How To Add Pickup Notes?

    How can I add some pickup notes right before my entire track starts? Thanks in advance.
  11. D

    USB MIDI latency with comparable keyboard

    After getting in touch with yamaha chat support about my DGX-650 electric piano, which is USB-MIDI connection and unable to connect to an interface, they tell me my keyboard is made to be compatible to my MAC, so there is no driver downloadable for my specific model. I am also using the logic...
  12. C

    Needing Lexicon MPX-1 MIDI Program Change Advice

    Hello, Recording Forum; I have a Keith McMillen SoftStep-2 foot controller that runs through a MIDI Expander and into my MPX-1 (first of 2...I know the MPX-1 is a bit outdated, but they're my favorite). All I want the SoftStep to do is allow me to change programs on the MPX-1, and I can’t get...
  13. D

    Controlling more programs with one Midi device

    Hello My question is related to Midi and not to Ableton strictly, and since I'm using Ableton I will post it here. I just downloaded Midi Automator, a program that should let me quickly switch between Ableton Live sets with a simple midi message, without even going near the computer. This...
  14. Ashley C

    MIDI controller setup

    Hello All, Could anyone advise if it's possible to set up a midi controller in this way. I currently have a Alesis VI49 it has 12 knobs at the top which I have mapped, first set of 6 controls tracks 1-6 volume & and second set of 6 controls tracks one 1-6 pan. What I'm after is a way of...
  15. D

    Problem sending midi notes to external hardware in Ableton Live 9 Suite

    I want to use Ableton Live 9 Suite to play some background tracks while performing live. One track is configured to send midi notes to an external drum machine. This drum machine have a built in bass line that plays through a bass amp. I'm just interested in the bass line, wich is triggered on...
  16. J

    configuring midi with Cubase 7

    Hello there. I recently bought this equipment used : emu-longboard. korg ms 2000, korg volca bass, korg kaoss pad, behringer djx900 mixer and a focusrite scarlett 18i20. I also bought a roland sbx-1 sync box and the roland jd-xa new. Problem is i can't get this to work in Cubase 7. Feel like i...
  17. ChrisH

    The Industry Standard For Midi Drums

    Is there an industry standard VST for acoustic and electric Midi Drums/Percussion ? The bundled VST Percussion instruments that came with Cubase 7.5 are alright but I cant help but feel like they don't sound all that great. The majority of major label records released these days are using midi...
  18. waveform

    Bringing in audio from external midi device

    I've never done this before but, I have a Nano Piano hooked up via Midi and it has analog outputs on the back. I have the analog outputs coming in via the hardware aux line 3, which is a stereo in on the M-Audio omni studio. The nano plays fine in logic and I can change the presets, but I can't...
  19. waveform

    Alternative to M-Audio Midi 2x2

    Can someone recommend a Midi interface company with good drivers compatible with Windows, XP, Win7, 8.. Mac ...ect? I've been using the M-Audio 2x2 Midi sport, never had an issue. Now all the sudden I can't get midi signal to my Nano Piano using an 88 es keyboard. (The red midi activity light...
  20. waveform

    No midi output to my rack unit - Logic 5.5

    I'm trying to figure out what went wrong. I have a template that a I saved for a simple environment for my (external) t.c multi effects unit that use to let me do things like change program settings, bypass the unit during automation from within logic. It always worked, then I moved out of state...