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  1. audiokid

    Millennia Media M-2b discontinued

    Wow, I just heard the Millennia M-2b is discontinued for good, no more made. If I won the lottery I would have 24 channels of those and call it completed. They are simply outstanding. I feel blessed to have at least 2 channels. I guess I have what will go down as one of the worlds most amazing...
  2. Press

    Millennia Media dual-channel HV-32P, Portable Series Preamps.

    Press submitted a new resource: [=""]Millennia Media dual-channel HV-32P, Portable Series Preamps.[/] - HV-32P, Portable Series Preamps...
  3. angel72bg

    Please help-Millennia nseq-4 vs CharterOak PEQ1

    Hi All,can you help me with advise or experience ,the sonic difference between the Millennia NSEQ-4 and CahrterOak PEQ1. The NSEQ-4 is twice in price. I looking for a Mastering EQ. Thank's in advance thumb
  4. D

    UA Solo 610 or Millennia TD-1 - bass and guitars?

    Hi, Does anyone on here know how the Millennia TD-1 compares to the UA Solo 610? I will be mainly using the DI for bass and guitars and maybe vocals through the pre. My current setup is a Focusrite Liquid Channel, UA Solo 610 and Focusrite ISA One digital. I have been using either the Liquid...
  5. audiokid

    Millennia HV-3R

    Ah, you got to love this beast. I need the Millennia HV-3 for truth projects - plain and simple. I have the M-2b and this is so big and beautiful, who needs s e x . I need the other half of the stellar combo to be at peace with my wife now. She keeps hearing me howl Millennia at night and...
  6. audiokid

    Millennia M-2b

    My M-2b arrived today! Its been a long 8 years wanting one of the Millennia's. Ever since a dealer described Millennia pre's as boring and clinical sounding, it made me want one more. Clinical spelled the truth, plus, I always thought that this opinion was partially due to the razer sound...
  7. R

    B&K, Millennia & Recorder?

    Hi Everyone, I am a studio guy, and have primarily worked in Rock/Pop. However, as of late I have been getting a lot of classical work (usually baroque - small string section, and a loud soprano), and I'd like to do more, so I'm looking at getting some more appropriate gear (I'm currently...
  8. Michael Fossenkemper

    Millennia NSEQ-2 with Fred Forssell board

    wow, pretty nice sounding eq. doesn't sound anything like the stock version. very sweet midrange, actually sounds sweet all around. Just had a listen to Dave Mcnair's and was quite impressed. Pick up a used one and pop in the $800 board and you've got a nice eq.
  9. M

    Great River MP-2NV or Millennia STT-1?

    Hello--I'm new to this forum and am hoping for some informed opinion on the choice of a new preamp for my home studio. My setup: Digi002 and a G5, with a Drawmer compressor and a Langevin dual mono pre. Mics include an AKG C414, an AT4050, a Neumann 184 and SM57 & 58. I record primarily...
  10. T

    millennia hv-3c

    hello to all, i own the Millennia hv-3c mic preamplifier and i would like to record through it basic instruments like keyboards,bass,guitars.. does maybe anyone has an idea of a good quality of di with its own power supply that could do that?Is the u5 of ad a good solution? thank u in...
  11. G

    tubetech mec 1a or the millennia stt 1

    hello i have 3 pre amps avalon vt-737sp focusrite voicemaster pro tl-audio ivory 2 - 5051 and 3 LC soundelux e 250 Neumann tlm 103 oktava mk 319 i wanna buy other pre amp, i'm thinking to buy a tubetech mec 1a or the millennia stt 1. what is yout opinion ? what you...
  12. G

    UA 6176 or Millennia STT-1

    hello, i have a avalon VT-737SP , and i wanna other warm pre sound. i think the atack of 6176 (20ms) is a little slow for vocals ? (i wanna other pre to record vocals) what you think ?
  13. A

    Royer SF-24 + Millennia or Paintpot

    Any opinions on best preamp match for Royer24 ribbon mic, for recording classical ensembles in a wide variety of situations. I've been thinking Millennia HV3D or Crookwood Paintpot. Also curious as to hear Ben's comparison of the Pacifica preamp to these ones.
  14. P

    Pre decision, Sebatron, Focusrite, or Millennia...

    Ok, so I have a huge decision to make so I have to apologize for the long winded explanation. I want a new channel strip pre and I've been thrown a couple different ways. At first I was talking to an engineer and he said that the Focusrite ISA 430 MKII Producer Pack was the pre to get. At...
  15. J

    Millennia HV-3D-4 or Vintech 473??

    Can you tell me the differences between this two pres? I've read much about Vintech but not about Millennia....can someone help me? thank you!
  16. S

    Millennia Origin or ISA 220 + used Lexicon PCM 91

    I have to make the decision between a Millennia Origin STT1 or a Focusrite ISA 220 + a used Lexicon PCM 91. I am trying both of these pres out right now and I'm finding both of them to be stellar. The Millennia with the Solid State or the Tube path is tempting for flexibility. The Focusrite...
  17. C

    Millennia Quad, Kurt or AudioGaff, or........anyone

    I have a lead on a Millennia Media Quad Mic Pre and I wanted someone who is familiar with the Millennia Products comment on it. I'm looking for a clean Pre for Vocals (R&B).. I already have a GR me 1nv, API 512, Langevin DVC, Peavey VMP2 and was wondering if this would be a good compliment...
  18. O

    Is it possible to battery power a HV3B?

    Hi all, Do you know if is it possible to battery power a Millennia HV3B pre, and how ? (power requeriments: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Power consumption 10 W ) Does anyone experienced that ? Oak
  19. J

    Langevin DVC vs ISA 220 vs Millennia STT-1 for Live Vocals

    I am looking for front end unit for live vocals. My plan is to either use a Focusrite ISA 220, Langevin DVC or a Millennia STT-1 running to a BSS Aduio DPR 901 II and then into an Eventide Orville for effects. The unit will be a front end for a male vocal that can get rather high and shrill...
  20. R

    cranesong ibis, ear825q,milennia media nseq 2

    hi guys! i am thinking about new eq for my studio, these are my top choices- any thoughts? tnx in advance,