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  1. T

    Pendulum MDP-1 and Millennia HV-3 Preamps

    I recently asked a question about the Buzz MA 2.2 and Millennia HV-3 for recording of acoustic based music (with vocals) on another forum. From my limited experience, which is essentially with Lynn Funston's Pre CD, I found the Buzz to be warmer/less open than the HV-3. I like the clearer more...
  2. Kurt Foster

    RNP / Millennia answers

    [=""] RNP / Millennia[/] 1. Millennia 2. RNP 3. RNP 4. Millennia 5. Millennia 6. RNP
  3. G

    Focusrite Producer Pack 430 and Millennia STT1

    I'm familiar with the features and specs of these units but I'm looking to hear from people who have used either or both of them. They are both high end boxes, the STT1 offers the valve routing, etc. Preferences? Dislikes? Martin
  4. D

    Millennia Rocks!

    I recently had a minor problem with my NSEQ-2, and just wanted to say what a positive experience it was! Millennia fixed it under warranty (the warranty period is a year!), and let me use an Origin as a loaner. When I noticed that the Origin's solid state pre sounded slightly different...