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mix advice

  1. DogsoverLava

    Original - pre vocals basic tracks critique please

    This is an Original song with the basic tracks recorded by me in the home studio using very basic equipment at far as ITB or OTB goes. I will be adding vocals and other instruments to the song but this would be a great time to get some specific feedback on both what you hear and what you don't...
  2. Slina

    Psytrance/Forest song before mastering

    Hi all, I don't have monitors (only headphones, but I can't hear the bass very well), so I'm begging you if you can give me some advice about this song. I want to know if my mix is well before mastering. Any advice will be great...
  3. CrazyLuke

    Here is the Opening Song, for an 8 Song CD, called "On the Planet" - Looking For FB

    Here is a Hard/Prog Rock tune that is the opening track for the CD. Please provide feedback on this mix.
  4. ClarkJaman

    A mix in progress

    I am working on my first EP of original music right now. Chris has been mixing one of the songs for the past week, and in the mean time I have been editing and mixing another one. I have a working mix now, so I would like to see what you guys think of it...
  5. Rasmus321

    Check out my new song/mix! Alternative metal/ rock/ post-core

    (Dead Link Removed) Hi guys! So i'm new to this forum, thought I would share my latest mix/song. The bands me and my band are inspired by, both music and production wise are: Red, of Mice and Men, memphis may fire, i see stars, Breaking benjamin etc.. Would like to hear what you guys think...
  6. PJH

    mix critique "Proggy" track recorded in the studio a while ago...

    Hi everyone, I'd like to share a track that we recorded a while ago that I've uploaded to Soundcloud. The track is called "Cast in Stone" and was supposed to be part of our sixth album but unfortunately has never seen the light of day due to various reasons... The band is called "Off the...
  7. Reverend Lucas

    Tell me how ugly my baby is

    ... Sort of kidding, but I am looking for honest criticism. A buddy of mine decided to write a 'stupid acoustic country song' to shop around to local bands. I offered to record him as I figured it would be good tracking/mixing practice. Instrumentation was pretty basic as he didn't want to...
  8. DonnyThompson

    mic and mic pre demo bare bones

    [="https://soundcloud.com/donnythompson/forgetting-you-4424-aug-15-2014"]View: https://soundcloud.com/donnythompson/forgetting-you-4424-aug-15-2014[/] Hiya gang.. Here's a quick little acoustic thang I did this morning. My voice is pretty rough as I've played out the last 4 nights, and it...
  9. R

    Just finished my most ambitious Steamworx creation, "Terror On The Trax"

    This was all done on an iPad using Alchemy Steamworx; [="https://soundcloud.com/ipper7620/masteringapp-auria-terror-on"]View: https://soundcloud.com/ipper7620/masteringapp-auria-terror-on[/]
  10. PJH

    mix critique Just uploaded my most ambitious video so far...

    Hi everyone, I've just finished uploading my latest recording/video of one of my tracks. I'm in the process of putting together a "making of" DVD covering the recording and writing process of my second solo album. We shot the footage whilst recording and have managed to put it together with...
  11. CrazyLuke

    Here is Song 3 of an 8 Song CD - Please Provide Feedback re Balances Freqs

    This song was mixed with headphones only. I will try again with near-fields soon.
  12. Smashh

    Round 2 , feels close now

    Had another shot at this , feels like Im getting close now and have not had a comp crash(y) Lead vocals may be too loud , what do you think, should the vocals sit more in the mix? Also the brush sound to my ear maybe a bit harsh ...
  13. CrazyLuke

    Here's a Song That Will Be Featured in an Upcoming Superhero Movie......

    ......once I own my own movie studio, but until then, I humbly ask your opinion on this first go-around of the mix, "Comic Book Heroes". This is the 2nd song of an eight song CD.
  14. kevinwhitect


    [="https://soundcloud.com/kevin-white-2/orayo"]View: https://soundcloud.com/kevin-white-2/orayo[/] Another new one from the new collection I'm working on. Any/all comment warmly appreciated! Kev-
  15. Smashh

    Lend me your ears

    How is the bass on this mix , Im trying to trim things back to get a cleaner sound without killing the life on this. Disregard the toms at the start , they need some taming down low, there is a floor tom being played but the mic only picked up the smaller tom and I was trying to get the floor...
  16. DP75

    With Love

    This was done by recording a Roland SH-101, a Korg MS-20, a Waldorf Pulse +, a Motif Electric Piano and a few drum samples. Mixed and mastered ITB with Ableton Live. Please, tell me what's ok and what not [="https://soundcloud.com/valentinobosi/with-love"]View...
  17. R

    Dark Electronic Songs

    I just finished this up last night; [="https://soundcloud.com/ipper7620/masteringapp-auria-darkness"]View: https://soundcloud.com/ipper7620/masteringapp-auria-darkness[/]
  18. iMacCartney

    My Daughter's Wedding March

    My daughter got married a few days ago. I decided to make the Wedding March for her and her fiancé. It has two parts; before and after the marriage ceremony. I did this pretty quickly but I have to say that this project was a very emotional experience for me, as well as for my daughter and the...
  19. B

    song collab/remix help

    Hi im looking for people to collab with maybe vocalists,singer songwriters and maybe someone who is intrested in remxing my song with an electro vibe im basically open to anything...Baz[="http://soundcloud"]soundcloud[/] if you go to soundcloud my user ID is BazNY
  20. M

    Punk hardcore song from Hungary! Any critique or feedback is welcome

    Hi guys, this is my first proper record and mix for my band and: https://watchmybag.bandcamp.com/track/veszett Please leave a feedback if you like in order to improve my recording and mixing skills! Thank you!