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mix advice

  1. Jeremy Dean

    "Elizabeth's Song" Orginial Composition

    This is a song my Mom and I wrote together in 2013 for one of our church's dramas. When I recorded this I had very limited equipment, experience, and knowledge about mixing. Because of this the tracks themselves have some issues, namely noise. Some of them are in fact very noisy. But I like the...
  2. Smashh


    Hi , I bought a cheap plywood jazz bass copy and put some emg jvx pups in it. So re did the bass line of this cover we did a while back , and remixed the song. Its so nice to have a bit of pow in the bass , where it use to be dull . So what do you think ? , maybe the...
  3. Smashh

    live gig cover

    hi guys and gals , I recorded my friends 3 piece band and had a go at mixing a few songs . Thought Id post one here to get some feedback , I think Ive I need to hi pass higher up on the delay, reverb next time .after a re listen it sounds a a bit too dark to me. I used 2 nt5 ohs , plate kik...
  4. JayTerrance

    Feedback/Help On My Mix

    I recently moved into a new control room and decided to re-mix a some of the songs that I wrote a few years ago. I am wondering how this new room I'm in is translating. Me and 3 other great friends doing a song I entitled as "Moon Over Crystal" Please let me know of any comments you have on...
  5. Jonathan Linton

    Power Addiction - Metal/Post-Grunge Song

    Hi all, Working on a new song idea. Lyrics and soundcloud link are below. The drums are EZ Drummer 2, DAW is Reaper, vocals are all by me, Guitar is a PRS copy played through a Zoom G3 with an ENGL amp sim, solo is a placeholder as I am not a solo guitarist. I plan to add a proper solo...

    Would love some feedback on a mix i'm working on!

    Hey everyone! So i recently attended Grammy Camp, a program where I was fully immersed in audio engineering at USC. It was an invaluable experience and I learned a ton. The audio engineer students were sent home with tracked sessions of some of the songs written and recorded during the camp for...
  7. DogsoverLava

    The Reckoning - original song mix advice

    Here's a new song of mine - came together pretty quick - interested in any mix critique and also strategies to tame the lead vocal - I'm not sure exactly what I'm trying to do - I don't think it's just volume envelope I'm after, but I don't know if I need some sort of compression or limiter or...
  8. DogsoverLava

    Stairway to Heaven Cover

    Hi Guys - I've been working on this since December and it has been out for vocals for a while now - it's looking like my vocalist may or may not be indisposed so I thought I'd post it here in this mix sans vocalist and see what you think. I know vocals will change everything when they arrive in...
  9. packrobottom

    Somebody's Baby Mix Critique Cover

    Played,recorded everything. Have a few things to to still do. Mix sugggestions greatly appreciated https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/...0Baby.mp3?dl=0
  10. iMacCartney

    Straight From My Heart (re-recorded original song)

    Hi everyone, ”Straight From My Heart” is another ”one of the first songs” that I wrote and recorded a few years ago after buying my ”first DAW”. At the time I did only one mix / version and again, I was really never happy with the mix and the performances. So - now I’ve re-recorded almost every...
  11. packrobottom

    Just a Man Indie Rock mix critique

    New song mostly finished just need to add some vocals/guitar part in outro. Mix comments greatly appreciated. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/6wnw5f5ib1j8idl/Just%20a%20Man.mp3?dl=0
  12. CrazyLuke

    Here's a Metal Version of Play with Fire, please crit.

    Here's a Metal Version of the Rolling Stones, "Play with Fire." I have made it up-tempo and rockin'. Rumor has it that the original recording was done by Keith Richards on Acoustic, Mick on vox, and to keep time, they found the late-night janitor at the studio to play tambourine. The...
  13. transmothra

    my first new recording in a decade

    I've been away from music for a long time, for a number of reasons, but i just recently got back into it, and have finally started recording an old song i wrote. I'm using Reaper. It's not totally finished just yet, but i was wanting some feedback re: my current working mix. All i have are some...
  14. packrobottom

    New Device - Indie rock mix critique

    almost finished have a couple things to do mix advice would be greatly appreciated. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/33ptoeb35bbcxyd/New Device.mp3?dl=0
  15. Black hills guitar guy

    New Metal Song - advice

    this is my new prog/thrash metal band. our first recording. no vox yet still looking or someone. what did I do right? what needs help? guitars recorded with vox tonelab le direct to computer. bass is runing DI from acoustic b200h amp. drummer uses roland electric drums and toontracks drum kit...
  16. CrazyLuke

    Please Help on this Early Mix of Metal Version of "No Quarter"

    Here is my first cover song in this forum where I took a led zeppelin song, "No Quarter" and made an upbeat metal version of it. Let me know what I need to improve here. I have two versions: Mix 2 is the full length track with a 2:30 minute intro, and Mix 2 (Sample) which starts up with verse...
  17. Ashley C

    Advice needed on my mix

    Hello All, I am new to recording & mixing my own tracks, I currently have 3 tracks recorded. This is the first I have mixed. Just like to get some feedback from you guys before moving on the other tracks as I'm sure there are many areas to improve. Cheers Ash. (y)
  18. J

    holding on

    im new in this.. please help me. i don't like what i did..doesn't sound nice. please tell me what i did wrong. thankyou
  19. CrazyLuke

    First Mix of "Look Into the Devil's Eyes" Plz Comment

    Here's a mix that haven't spent that much time on yet, but hey, maybe spending too much time on a mix is what f*^"ks me up. Let me know what you like and don't like about this mix.
  20. packrobottom

    Fly at Night

    work in progress. Mix comments greatly appreciated. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/ahx86jqj9daun9s/Fly%20at%20night.mp3?dl=0