1. pcrecord

    Mix exercise - Part 1 - Session preparation

    Hi gang, Like I do once or twice a year, I like to download pro recorded tracks and make the exercise of mixing a song. It gives an idea how different those tracks are from mine and also a degree of detachment I don't get from tracks I recorded myself. If you want to join me, it would be fun...
  2. tonymarachella

    Mix with mackie 32/8 or in box?!

    hi guys, could it still make sense in 2018, mix with an old but good mackie 32/8? could I reach the same audio quality as an inbox mix? the idea is to use the daw for compression / effects and the mixer for the sum of the signals and the equalizer. thank you
  3. JayTerrance

    Feedback/Help On My Mix

    I recently moved into a new control room and decided to re-mix a some of the songs that I wrote a few years ago. I am wondering how this new room I'm in is translating. Me and 3 other great friends doing a song I entitled as "Moon Over Crystal" Please let me know of any comments you have on...

    Would love some feedback on a mix i'm working on!

    Hey everyone! So i recently attended Grammy Camp, a program where I was fully immersed in audio engineering at USC. It was an invaluable experience and I learned a ton. The audio engineer students were sent home with tracked sessions of some of the songs written and recorded during the camp for...
  5. paulears

    The "what do you think of this mix" topics - observation

    I'm getting old - and I think it's having an impact on these kinds of topics. I've had to listen to younger people's radio stations for a week or two, and I've noticed there's a new type of mix becoming very common. A voice, often male and kick and snare. In the background are the chords, the...
  6. Ashley C

    Advice needed on my mix

    Hello All, I am new to recording & mixing my own tracks, I currently have 3 tracks recorded. This is the first I have mixed. Just like to get some feedback from you guys before moving on the other tracks as I'm sure there are many areas to improve. Cheers Ash. (y)
  7. J

    Critique my mix

    Heya guys, I'm kind of new to mixing and mastering. Here is the mix I did. I'm the vocalist/producer/recording engineer/mixer. Would you fine people be so kind as to critique my mix? Anything that comes to mind is much appreciated. I have put most of my money in mic's. The plugins that are...
  8. A

    Alternative/Indie/Rock Mix Advice

    Hey all, I've been doing some home recording for bands I've played in for years, but I've always struggled to produce mixes that are both full, and dynamic sounding. My mixes have a tendency to sound too 'clean' and therefore empty. I think I've been slowly improving as i go, but there is only...
  9. DogsoverLava

    Question about Stairway to Heaven

    As an exercise I've been recording a N4N version of Stairway in my little home studio otherwise known as the spare bedroom that I keep all my gear in... And I've got a question about what I'm hearing with respect the the reverb on the acoustic guitar that opens up the song in the original...
  10. B

    Critique my mix

    Hi everyone, Would you mind having a listen to my mix and telling me what you think??? One of my first full band mixes, so any advice would be hugely appreciated!!! Thanks!!! Ben

    Cheating On Me COVER

    Hey guys!! This is a cover that I recorded with a good friend. The piano is a patch and I had some trouble mixing it to keep from sounding either fake, or too harsh. I am happy with the vocals in the intro and end, but during the chorus I had trouble keeping everything balanced and distortion...
  12. Gage Cottle

    Would really appreciate a Mix Critique

    Hello everyone, I am a new poster to the site, however, I am a long time follower! I recently got the Slate Mix/Master/FX bundle, and thought I would upload my first mix with the new plug ins. I would really love to hear some critiques and suggestions from other professionals within the...