mixing boards

  1. Pouzi

    two mixers and noise

    Hey folks, could anyone help me figure out how to bring two stereo signals from a Soundcraft EPM12 into the two (line) inputs of a Xone:23 ? Going out from the record and monitor outputs of EPM to the left and right of Xone gives a good signal from Xone's record output. Xone's XLR Mix output...
  2. S

    Question about mixing boards

    Hi there. I'm brand new to all of this, and I want to use a mixer for Streaming, but I have a few questions. 1. Can a mixer be programmed to just change volume levels? For example, if I left a music program playing in the background, could I program the mixer to be able to adjust the volume of...
  3. A

    Preamp Frying Mixing Board Channels?

    I'm a DJ, well more like mp3J, and recently I tried using the USB out on my laptop to send the signal instead of the 1/8" soundblaster headphone jack. I bought a ART USB Dual Preamp so that I can go out of my laptop's USB out, into the USB in on the preamp, and then the preamp has two 1/4" outs...
  4. S

    Phantom Power mixing board for rode nt1a?

    I recently purchased a rode nt1a studio condensor mic. The interface I planned on using doesn't have phantom power and this was a mistake on my part. I do have a mixing board with phantom power, but it is typically used for live sound. If this would power the mic, I just need a usb adapter...
  5. M

    Mixing Board Question (Please Read)

    Hello, im new to the forums and wanted to ask a few questions. Over the past few months I've dedicated alot of my time to music/producing and have put together a home recording studio/setup with a compression booth (It's turned out very nice for what I've put into it). Anyway here is my question...
  6. BobRogers

    House of Worship Mixing Board Recommendations?

    Our church is in need of a new mixing board. We are currently using a 16 channel Soundcraft Sprit Live 4-2. We regularly use all 16 mono channels, two stereo channels and the cassette/cd channel. We need either a 24 channel board with a similar number of additional stereo channels or a 32...
  7. J

    different mixing boards w/PT8?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. I've been home recording with ProTools 7 and a 002 board for a couple years now and I'm getting new stuff for my studio. I have most things picked out but there is something that is really confusing me... Can I use a mixing board with Pro Tools 8 that...
  8. B

    New to recording... Question on mixing boards.

    Hey guys, I'm kind of new to the recording scene, my band's been recorded a few times so I have a good idea on how to work most things; But I wanted to ask a few questions... We'll be using GarageBand for the recording software, and was curious on getting a decent mixing board to work with...
  9. D

    Phonic firewire mixing board

    Hi all! I'm looking at purchasing this board as a front end/sound card all in one for my modest home studio. http://www.zzounds.com/item--PHOHELIX18FW I've researched Phonic gear in here and elsewhere, and it seems to get pretty high marks, although there are a few bad reviews. Basically, I'm...
  10. O

    revamping my rig?...mixing board + digital vs. in the box

    so im in deep thoughts about revamping my rig. right now, im using: DIGI 002R dual core G5 - 2 gb ram 2 Grace 101's Trident s20 TC Elec. Gold Channel Distressor Alesis Masterlink PT LE 6.4 Mackie HUI im really in consideration of picking up a decent mixing console...not a hige SSL...
  11. C

    Cleaning/Fixing Analog Mixing Boards?

    I just got an Allen and Heath System 8, 16 channel mixer... and for starters lots of rotary knobs, the mic/line switches, and some channel faders are scratchy when moved, should i find out what allen and heath reccomend for this board for a cleaner? or is there just all around great stuff to...
  12. T

    Help with digi002 and mixing board setup

    hi all. just had a question. Im a little new at this so understand. lol. anyways. I am trying to have a configuration where i can record drums guitar bass and vocals, but have the capability of using a mixing board for the mix after the recording is already made. specially drums. Only because...
  13. T

    Mixing Boards

    I have a presonus firepod and i'm using cubase LE. I was wondering what my options are for a mixing board and I how i acutally hook up the mixing board? I know i don't want just an 8 track mixing board.....maybe something around 18.
  14. F

    Help on setting up a analog mixing board to a computer

    I don't know if this is the right forum to post in but i'll give it a shot I have a Compaqu computer with a stock sound card (line in,Line out,mic in) and i was thinking about getting a mixing board to hook up to the computer but i'm not clear on how to hook up the mixing board to the...
  15. F

    I need help setting up a mixing board to a compueter

    I have a Compaqu computer with a stock sound card (line in,Line out,mic in) and i was thinking about getting a mixing board to hook up to the computer but i'm not clear on how to hook up the mixing board to the computer the correct way, if someone could explain it very clearly on how to hook up...
  16. N

    mixing boards

    Hey everyone im new to this board but Ive been using a digi002 for awhile and i want to move up to a 24ch mixing board into pro tools but im on a pretty tight budget. The only ones i can really find in my budget but ive only looked at a few. The first was a mx9000 which looks cool but ive heard...
  17. A

    Opinions on Bi-amp mixing boards?

    I have been offered a good deal on one and was wondering what you guys think of them?
  18. J

    Hill Audio Mixing board. What level is it on? Pres? EQ?

    Hey Guys, I have an opportunity to get a Hills Audio Mixing Console. Its a monitor mixer (24x6) from 1984. Also, I know its Brittish. I'm using an Allen and Heath Mix wizard (wich I like a lot) and was wondering if I would be upgrading in sound quality by getting this piece. I have been...
  19. S

    Digital mixing boards with a PC intaerface

    I am currently in the market for a digital mixing board that has a computer interface the one that has my interest is the Roland VM-7200. the reason I like this board is it links to the computer through an R-bus connection from what I've read they are basically PCI cards. does anyone Know...
  20. J

    Mixing board goes back to default!

    Hello- I'm using Audiodesk on my iMac with a MOTU 828. Whenever I go from the Mixing board panel to any other panel, it always goes back to it's default setting (pan controls go back to the 12 o'clock position, and faders go back to zero). How do I stop this from happening?