1. Brxdsky

    mix critique First Post: New Audio Engineer

    This is my first post on the forums. Please excuse any mistakes I make. I am 19 a second year college student, pursuing my bachelors degree in Audio Engineering and a Live Sound Certification. As of May 2020, I began doing freelance mixing, with rates going for $10 per song. I figured since I'm...
  2. Alexey Soloviev

    Mixing tips for beginners

    Hello! My name is Alexey, I'm sound engineer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I've been mixing for 2,5 years now. And on April 2020 created my Youtube channel where i share my knowledge and experience in english. My channel is mostly for beginners. Starting from today I'm starting my new series...
  3. pcrecord

    Mixing with Samplitude Pro X5 - (only included plugins)

    Mixing with Samplitude - You & Me & The Radio I've been doing this for a while. Once or twice a year, I like to download free tracks and mix them. It gives me a chance to adapt to different recording qualities and mind set. I mostly mix my own stuff, so I think it's a good exercise to do...
  4. pcrecord

    What is SIDE Chain - for audio or video production

    What is SIDE Chain - for audio or video production I've been ask in the comment of my youtube channel to do a video about this.. I'm happy that people gives me video ideas.. It shows interest and give me motivation to continue.. Here is one about side chain.. Let me know what you think ! ;)
  5. pcrecord

    Polarity vs Phase - Why do I need to know this? (video)

    Polarity vs Phase - Why do I need to know this ? Polarity and Phase are 2 things that anyone who does music production needs to master. Even if you only have a home studio, as soon as you start to use more than one microphone to record or if you are doing a lot of overdubs with the same...
  6. pcrecord

    Mixing with external gear with Samplitude Pro X5

    Mixing with external gear with Samplitude Pro X5 Thanks to jmizz15212 Films J-jigga for posting a question about using external gear while mixing. In this video I show how to use the FX send and receive fonction of Samplitude. (also available in previous versions Credits ...
  7. pcrecord

    Mastering with explanations

    In this video I simulate what a mastering engineer would do to a mix. Of course, a true ME will use far more advanced tools than Ozone to do so, but I thought it would be nice to discuss what they look for and how a mix can be transformed. Disclaimer, I'm not a mastering engineer, I don't...
  8. pcrecord

    Mixing with explanations - Me and my crew - Will Evanx

    Mixing with explanations - Me and my crew - Will Evans I thought it would be a nice exercise to mix a song and explain every decisions. If you have any question about the changes that I make while mixing or if you do not agree with them, please write it in the comments and we will discuss about...
  9. pcrecord

    Drum replacement with Magix Samplitude Pro X4

    Hi, In this video I'll give you some tips to use the object function, Audio to Midi in order to do drum replacements or enhancement. Tell me what you think !
  10. pcrecord

    Mixing an entire song with Magix Samplitude

    In this video, I take free mixing exercise tracks and mix them. I didn't know the song, the artiste or heard the tracks before starting to mix. I thought it would be a good Idea to show the thought process and steps taken when mixing. On top of that, I forced myself to only use included tools...
  11. G

    What is the role of Spectrum Analyzer in Mixing

    I have just downloaded GT analyzer. I wanted to know that what is the role of frequency analyzer in audio recording.
  12. F

    Building New Studio Help!

    Hello, I am an aspiring audio engineer that has been mixing & recording for about 6 months. I only do Rap/Hiphop, I've been wanting to upgrade my current setup to something better. I currently own a Bluebird spark SL & a cheap $99 M-Audio interface. I want a little more of a professional...
  13. F

    Does the quality of the audio interface matter if you have an external preamp?

    Hello, I’m an aspiring audio engineer and I am looking to build a home studio for Rap/HipHop. I have a few questions I couldn’t really find anywhere online, the first one being that does the audio interface matter if I’m purchasing the preamp. I am aware that there are preamps built into the...
  14. S

    Free eBook: Learn to Create Mixes with Headphones That Translate

    Is it possible to create a commercial-quality mix on headphones? What to look out for when mixing on headphones? How to turn a good pair of headphones into a great one? Backed by years of experience in over 25,000 recording studios as well as thousands of headphone measurements in Sonarworks...
  15. MSc_AudioEngineer


    Hi, my name is George Grenfell and I am studying a masters degree in audio engineering. I have a passion for live sound and have always aspired to be a live sound engineer! I am looking to learn about live sound and the lives of you pro sound engineers so i am writing a research report on...
  16. JoaoSpin

    Advanced methods for getting rid of vocal sibilance.

    Hello guys, This is a question relating to the universe of vocal sibilance. First off: 1. in the recording stage does compression on the way in make things better, worse, or the same? Secondly, 2. Does a pop filter help at all with containing sibilance? Thirdly, 3. If I am getting sibilance with...
  17. pcrecord

    3 DAWs - 3 sounds?? Reaper vs Sonar vs Samplitude

    3 DAWs - 3 sounds?? Reaper vs Sonar vs Samplitude In this video, I test 3 DAWS by doing the exact same mix of the same song. There was a long debate as if every DAWs sounded the same and I thought it was time to get a true answer. I also give a link to downloadable multitracks songs. What do...
  18. pcrecord

    Audio compressors - What are they ? How do they work

    My first video of 2018. I had a little fun jamming a song... This Back to basics : audio recording software - Compressors video, explain what is a compressor and what the common settings do. The video starts with the video clip of a song about compressor. Nothing serious just having fun.. ...
  19. audiokid

    Mixing Masterclass: Analog Sounds in the Box with Rich Chycki

    (y) Rich Chycki, a master mixer for the likes of Rush, Dream Theater, Aerosmith and more, takes us for a tour of a real progressive rock mix with a special emphasis on emulating the iconic and organic sounds of classic analog consoles in the box. Mixing Masterclass: Analog Sounds in the Box...
  20. DonnyThompson

    Totally Destroyed A Mix

    Lol, I'm such a moron. So I had a really nice mix happening for one of the OASIS tracks; nice tight, defined lows, smooth mids, silky top end, instruments and vocals very nicely balanced - except for one very small change I wanted to make... famous last words... I got back into the project...