1. R

    My new mobo

    Hell All, OK after a week of research and talking to a few friends in IT this is the motherboard and cpu that I will be getting. mobo - Asus P9X79 WS CPU - i7 3820 The Reasons Why Well basically it is a workstation mobo that is priced just low enough form me to get into that class and also...
  2. J

    Recommend me a processor/mobo combo

    I recently purchased an m-audio profire 2626. I'm going to be running it with Pro-tools 8 on my windows Vista (or XP, if that's better) . I got it all setup today but I think my processor is probably a bit too slow. I'm experiencing peaked-out processor with only a few tracks and a few basic...
  3. S

    Mobo Recommendation --- Need 4 PCI Slots.

    Hi, Sorry, but I get confused. About 2.5 years ago I got an AMD X2 4400 that has served me -very- well. However, I need another computer now to run Adobe In Design and Flash and I was thinking I could take this thing and re-purpose it for that and get a new PC to take me into the next 2-3...
  4. moisiss

    new computer... which MOBO? And other questions....

    My old computer died the other night... after some general trouble shooting I think I have narrowed the problem down to either the motherboard (MSI k8t Neo FSR) or the CPU (AMD 64 3000+). As you can tell, the comp. was about 4-5 yrs old so I have decided to build a new one instead of trying to...
  5. J

    What is the BEST MoBo/CPU/RAM Combo for DAW's?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forums and I was hoping to get some help with a DAW that I am going to be building. I have one right now, old, out of date, made with spare parts, and I am not happy with it. Now that tax time is upon us and my nice refund is eminent, I have begun researching...
  6. F

    best mobo on market for pee-cee??

    Suggestions?? I'm building a monster and want to hear what you like.. thanks
  7. P

    recommended chipsets & mobos?

    Hi , been a while since i posted on here, I made a daw a year ago, AMD 3200 64bit K8V-X Mobo Via chipset, (which most of you said was garbage) 1G Cosair Value Ram 128 Ati Graphics Card 2 Maxtor HDD 120G & 200G External DVD burner Emu 1820 Soundcard I'm not going to lie, it did...
  8. B

    Which Mobo for AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+

    Hi! The reason I'm asking help is that it's virtually impossible to find A8V or any nForce3 ultra mobos anymore (at least this is the case in Finland). I was gonna stick with my good old AGP card but as it seems, there's no way to avoid PCI-E cards anymore. Thus, which Mobo should I get (for...
  9. S

    Are Micro ATX mobo's okay?

    Hello. I'm a newb to, and I found this site after watching get less and less active. I'm ready to build a new DAW (home-based amateur studio) due to age on the original system and to endless frustration with never really getting it stable. I've searched the...
  10. T

    Building a new DAW. Any good Mobo that I should go for?

    Well, I'm going to build a new DAW soon. I've built a few "ANUS"-machines a few years ago. Always going for the Asus mobo's with i845, i865 or i875 chipset with Northwood P4's CPU. ( Socket 478 ) Matrox G550 or Radeon9200SE (on the buget models) Videocards. Seagate and Western Digital HD's...
  11. J

    Motu 828 mkII & Uad-1 - Which Mobo/CPU to choose?

    Hi I'm looking to upgrade my PC, partly because I can't seem to get rid of clicks/pops from my motu firewire... Tried just about everything. And of course I'd like a faster machine for my Cubase use... Anyone using a combination of the 828 and UAD-1, with no problems? and if so - which...
  12. T

    Which mobo for my son's ' guitar ' PC build ?

    I'm trying to put together a PC for son - could sure use some help as i know nothing about PC's or even worse, DAW's. He's very keen on being able to record his electric guitar on it, so this the performance priority for the PC ( sort of an ' all purpose " low - end DAW PC ) So, far...
  13. R

    PIV + Elmer's Thermal Paste + MoBo = Computer?

    Hey all you computer building dudes: I am maybe looking into getting a new Processor and MOBO, but I have never put these together before. Is there some special trick to it or do you just take the processor out of its package and shove into into a slot on the MOBO. And how do you use that...
  14. B

    Need Guidcance - Best Mobo For AMD64 DAW?

    I'm one of the unfornute guys who went out and bought a pci-e/SLI motherboard with the intention of using it for a DAW. I also "jumped the gun" and bought a pci-e video card prior to doing my homework. (To sum it up I took advice from SOMEONE WHO HAD NO IDEA WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT)...
  15. M

    Mobo for AMD 64bit 939

    Hey Gang I've had a good trawl through some posts and it seems that the Gigabyte K8ns Ultra 939 is a mobo of choice for the AMD 64bit 939.. (Gonna be using RME cards) Question...Is the Winchester the preferable beast, and what is the current du jor model for blistering VSTi performance...
  16. G

    ASus Mobo + Athlon64?

    Hi guys Want to roll new DAW and would like to know if anyone has used the Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe with an Athlon CPU? Am looking at the Athlon XP3500+ - any horrible experiences to look out for? Thanks in advance
  17. V

    DAW problems in Intel 915 GEV MOBO - chipset 915/925 ?

    Hi for all! I am having problems with motherboard Intel 915GEV. Work with audio professional, using the products M-audio Ozone and Digidesign Mbox. I brought up to date firmware of the products Ozone and Mbox, bios (chipset) and drivers of motherboard Intel. Professional Windows XP is...
  18. T

    I can't find a good mobo for Intel without VIA and more!!!!!

    Does anyone know of a nice mobo for a P4 without VIA? I was one the sight for ASUS and couldn't find anything! Also, I'm running Cubase SX 2.0 with Tascam FW -1884 on a PC. Whenever I load Cubase SX I get a loud obnoxious sound come through my gear during the load screen. Then my audio...
  19. F

    which mobo sould i buy?

    im building a new daw and went to the asus website to see thier line up of prescot boards, i was amazed by the number of them, many with the same name, p4p800 for example has many difrant chipsets. and so to my question which prescot chipset is best suited for audio recording?
  20. A

    Re; MOBO's; 865PE vs. 875...Differances=?

    Hello, In config. my new DAW I am curious as to the diff. between the Intel 865PE and the 875? I am looking @ the Gigabyte 8IPE1000 (865PE chipset) or the Gigabyte 8IK1100 (875 Chip). I have heard that the 875 still has bugs. Again I would like to know what differrances exist and whether...