1. pcrecord

    LDC Mic Shootout - ISA, T47, T12, C1 Mod, KSM32, KSM44

    Hi guys, Here is a new mic shoutout that includes 3 products from I had many questions about the mods and the DIY Kits. Hope you can hear the subtle differences. I'm still getting used to audio and video productions so your comments are needed and welcome. Btw, I'm not...
  2. Kevin Porter

    A&H GS3000 mpu problem

    I have a GS 3000 console turn of the century stuff. The Mute mpu board has gone out part 002-347-1 so all the mutes seem stuck off and mute and status leds are stuck on. No LCD. Everything else works. Need to find a replacement or figure out how to fix it. The pcb makes use of a P80C32 40 pin...
  3. D

    Studer A807 eprom dead

    Does any one have Bin likes for Studer A807 mk 1, current version installed was 40/87, but can change to later version if available. D
  4. Charles Turner

    Repairing a Shure 545?

    Greetings- I recently bought an older Shure 545 (4-pin Amphenol era) on eBay, and while it works, it sounds a bit of the dog with voice: a greatly diminished low end, and reminiscent of talking through a paper towel tube. Given there's only three parts to the mic: cartridge, transformed and...
  5. JakeAC5253

    Does This Switch Wiring Work For What I Want?

    I want to break a signal path which has no discrete components in it as of now. I want a 3 position toggle switch to have the options of Stock (signal pass through), Resistor 1 (signal path broken and routed into Resistor 1), and Resistor 2 (signal path broken and routed into Resistor 2). I've...
  6. J

    dbx 386 Power Transformer

    Hi there! I have a dbx 386 dual channel tube preamp. It was out of service for some time and when I recently put it back in the rack only a couple of LEDs turn on. On inspection it seems that the larger of the two transformers supplying power to the PCB has transformed into a Gandalf No-Pass...
  7. pcrecord

    Fixing UA La-610 Compressor (need schematics with voltage points)

    Hi guys, Like the title says, I got one of my two LA-610 who doesn't compress anymore.. the action faded over a few months. I tried to change the tubes and even exchanged the opto cell with the other LA-610 and it did no good. So I guess a cap or a resistor failed.. I'd need some guidance...
  8. achase4u

    Blocking phantom power?

    Edited for clarity. So, I am setting up for some hybrid mixing for the first time and have db25 connected from the analog out of my converters to the input of my radial lunchbox. The lunch box has preamps for recording as well as an eq. I accidentally sent phantom to the analog out of my...
  9. pcrecord

    T47 DIY mic kit from

    Well a few of you already know I was working on this project I'm gonna do a few more video on the product with more compare tests with other mics. Thanks for any comments or questions Build and presentation of the DIY T47 mic from - YouTube by pcrecord posted Jun 12, 2016...
  10. kmetal

    New 500 series kit from ssl

    just saw this on the SOS YouTube channel, from AES NY, happening this weekend. Looks really cool!
  11. DonnyThompson

    Adding a meter to a preamp

    @Boswell or any of our other resident electronics wizards.. I have this ADK AP1 mic pre that I love, but it lacks metering. There is nothing there to indicate what my input/output levels are. I'm wondering how easy it would be to attach a meter, even a simple VU, that could help me...
  12. kmetal

    Putting together a basic soldering kit

    hey all, I'm pretty new to this section of RO and at a beginner level as far as understanding of electronics. I've become progressively more interested in the creative sonic options there are available thru electronics modifications and repair. Anyway my goal is to within the first year to...
  13. achase4u

    500 series hum? How to track it down.

    Hey all - I have a Lindell 503 power chassis. I have been using a Phoenix DRS1R Preamp in the first slot for about 5 months now, no issues. I recently got an A designs P1 as well. All was fine, then after a couple days, I got allot of electrical hum happening, much above the noise floor of the...
  14. S

    60 cycle humm but only one power connection, I'm stumped

    Hi everyone, I'm not an audio engineer or even sure what one is but I have a problem with a humm. It happens when ever I have some audio device connected to the wall outlet. Let me explain further and see if one of you gurus sees how to fix it or at least track down the problem: I have a Sony...
  15. Kurt Foster

    Passive +4 to -10 and back?

    is it possible to change levels between -10 and +4 with transformers?
  16. haus

    separate phantom power supply

    Hi. I'm new to recording and had a few basic questions. At least... I imagine they're basic. 1. I have a mic that requires phantom power - does anyone have any suggestions on a simple, good "clean" phantom power unit? Are there some features I should look for aside from just power? 2. I have...
  17. kmetal

    Anybody heard of Hairball Audio? saw their ad in tape OP. They have some really cool stuff like a 1176 blue stripe kit for $600. The prices seem really good, so I'm as interested as I am suspect. If it's legit seems like it would be a good play ce to start a 500 rack, w a couple pres of color and...
  18. vibrations1951

    A&H fader AI8117 verses ALPS RSA0N11S9A0K

    I'm trying to replace a broken mono slider on my A&H wz3 16.2 and Mouser sells the ALPS RSA0N11S9A0K which seems to be identicle to the AH AI8117. I could order the AH model number through dealers like Full Compass or Spectrum but, at the risk of sounding too frugal, I really prefer to purchase...
  19. vibrations1951

    "Recording" light hook up to control room

    Not real sure if this is the right place to post this question so redirect me if needed please (maybe I should be in the construction forum??). I'm slowly building my studio (see thread under "Small Studio Build Journey") and during some construction lately I wanted to plan for a "recording"...
  20. F

    24V PSU for vintage German modules

    Hi, I've been trying to get around to racking a few modules for years now and still haven't. Some Filtek and TAB stuff. At the moment I'd be happy with simply getting a PSU and testing them out to see if I even like them before forking out the cash for professional racking. So, I just need a...