1. W

    cable with lowest noise floor canare belden mogami?

    i have a few cad e100s's on the way and if what i have seen is true it has a very low noise floor, 3 point something dba, and i wanna keep the "low noise" signal going, so does anybody have any opinions on which cable has the lowest noise floor? i'll be running them very short, around 15 foot or...
  2. audiokid

    12 year old mogami cable vs new cable

    I have 12 year old Mogami mic cable (no idea what number as it is worn off) and am wondering if it degrades in sound quality? or ... is the new Mogami mic cable better sounding than the old?
  3. D

    Mogami studio cable or a Monster P500 cable

    Just got a akg perception 220 an cant make my mind up about a Mogami studio cable or a Monster P500 cable if anyone knows what would be the better cable id appreciate the advice.
  4. audiokid

    VOVOX vs Mogami

    I've been holding off on buying the majority of my cable until [=""]VOVOX[/] is officially grounded into North America. Has anyone had the opportunity to hear comparisons between leading brands , vovox, mogami, canare ? Network Pro Marketing had...
  5. audiokid

    Dominator cable vs Canare or Mogami

    Has anyone used Dominator cable? My local pro audio shop recommends it and says it's a cross between Canare and Mogami.
  6. Y

    Mogami vs. Monster vs. Custom Cables.

    Hello everyone, hope you're having an amazing day. I need to pick up some cables for my home studio and was wondering what your experience has been with: 1) Mogami Cables 2) Monster Cables 3) Custom-made cables I've heard a lot of great things about the Mogami cables and have been...
  7. Croakus

    Experiance with the MXL V69 Mogami?

    I'm looking at the MXL V69 Mogami as a vocal mic (seems to match my voice). I like the fact that it's a tube mic with case, shock mount, etc for $300. Does anyone have any experiance with this mic?
  8. L

    mogami, and monster

    is mogami really better performance cable? monster is gimmick marketing and isnt better in anything but the gold tips like the Gold Rush cable. right? especially with the "bass" cable where it just cuts your high and lows. thats what someone told me anyways. also are proclaimed "bass"...
  9. W

    Getting rid of Mogami cables

    So I'm installing a patchbay in my setup and have decided to get rid of all of my single cables. They're all Mogami either XLR/XLR or TRS/TRS gold cables. Could I sell them back to Guitar Center(doubtful) or should I just try to sell them in bulk on ebay? How much less should I sell them for? 50%?
  10. T

    Anyone used Mogami Stage Gold?

    I am looking for 30' cables and the studio only comes in 25' Will there be that much of a difference. Or is there a better option?
  11. anonymous

    spending $$$$ on mogami cables

    if i were to spend ohh say about...$2000 of so on Mogami cables, who might give me the best deal? Thanks Stuart
  12. A

    Cable: What is next best to Mogami?

    I could use some opinions on this as we cable our home studio. The Mogami is SO expensive ! Is there a very good second best ? Adriann
  13. D

    Cables (Mogami, Neutrik, Hosa)

    Hello everyone, Quick question... after reading some post I decided to order some cable (Mogami 2549) and connectors (Neutrik NP3C) to build my own... so, I did and when I tried one out by inserting a RNC into a RNP... it didn't sound very good... sounded lofi and a *tiny* bit crackly... I...
  14. R

    Mogami 75ohm cable

    Hi folks Anyone have opinions about this cable? It's quite thin and flexible, doesn't feel like solid core. The number on the cable is 2964. It also says 75 ohm hi definition audio/video cable on the jacket. This stuff is way more managaeable than RG6 or RG59. Is this what you folks use...
  15. G

    Best prices on Mogami multipair????

    Anybody? Who's the cheapest??? thanks in advance