1. E

    Subwoofer to Monitors Cables

    Hi, Im going to buy the KRK10s subwoofer to add to my Samson A8 studio monitors. I want to use XLR to XLR cables but the only ones i can find online are for use with microphones, why is this? Is it because the signal isn't amplified? Could you please recommend what type of cable i should be...
  2. M

    best monitors on a budget?

    Whats the best monitor to get for mixing and mastering under 100$? Is the quality going to be so bad that it will affect the mixing so much so that it will sound bad, if I try to buy monitors under 100$? Could i get better reference headphones for 100$ or should I take a shitty monitor over a...
  3. M

    wimpy vocals on speakers have body in headphones?

    It's a tale you've heard many a time before... my song sounds great (to me) in headphones, but thins out to hell on my monitors. What can I do? I can't hear or explain every difference, but the main ones seem to be that in the cans my vocals are more... intimate? On speakers they sound a bit...
  4. F

    Preamp monitor audio router from Funk - dynamic 132 dB!!!

    For all they are looking for something special: [=""]MTX Monitor V3b[/] Producer has only German web site: but there are many other excellent products. They archive dynamic 138 dB with electronically switched...
  5. audiokid

    In Ear Monitoring

    I feel like I'm listening to a vacuum salesman that has the pitch memorized. But hey, well done to him and a cool product. I never stop paying attention to what people are listing with. Ultimate Ears Customize Part2 And from a professional POV:
  6. I

    Crown Power Amplifier?

    Was simply wondering what amplifier I should get for my studio monitors. I do not have powered speakers nor do I want to buy them. Not sure on the specs on my 2 monitors but I'm surely going to need an amplifier w/ 2 outputs that would bridge out in mono to each speaker. This setup is...
  7. G

    Studio Headphones

    Ok so If i don't have the best room to hear the best acoustics in with some monitors, would studio headphones be the better investment than trying to use good monitors in a crappy acoustical setting? Thanks!
  8. K

    sE Munro's 'The Egg' 150

    Hi all, I've purchased a pair of the sE Munro's 'Egg' monitors and I'm very happy with their performance. Sadly they constantly play a noise even with no input at all (no input connections - no AUX, no MAIN (XLR) input). The noise is very low...
  9. D

    Picking the right/best Studio Monitors

    Hi, I'm looking to get a pair of monitors but can't decide between a few. I'm on a fixed income/limited budget, so gonna have to be realistic about what I can get and probably have to buy used. The one's I'm considering are: - Tannoy Reveal 601a - KRK Rokit RP6 - Mackie MR5s - Mackie...
  10. S

    Thinking About Replacing Event ASP 8s

    I've had Event ASP 8's for prox. 5 years in the same too small control room (prox. 11' w x 13' depth). And despite tons of treatment and analysis I have never been happy. I understand the physics well enough to know that there's only so much one can do. The biggest thing is that there will...
  11. K

    Need help. Can't figure out monitoring/playback problem

    I am recording through Logic Pro. I am running my sound through a Lexicon Alpha audio interface. Here is a link to my interface [=""]Lexicon Alpha USB Desktop Recording Studio Standard...
  12. ChrisH

    New Pair of Main Monitors in the $700 Price Range

    Hi everyone, needs some help choosing my next pair of studio monitors, these will be my main monitors. The Room is 19X15, bass traps in every corner from floor to ceiling, wood floors, the entire ceiling has floating fire-bat clouds and absorption on the walls. Needless to say, the room is...
  13. F

    Reamping through monitors - Technique?

    Hi, Need some advice on what would be a good technique to reamp through my studio monitors or even hifi speakers in a live room for that matter. Mostly sampled drums and percussive elements to give them some depth. I've done this in the past with several different mics and generally liked the...
  14. unguitar

    Event Asp 6 ?

    I must let my Genelec 1032 go because I am moving to a much smaller place where I can put my home tracking studio and I found a good deal on those. What is your experience with them ? my best, Luca
  15. EricIndecisive

    Equator D5

    Hey everyone, I just ordered some monitors tonight. The only thing I've ever used before are computer speakers. But my friend read about these in a recording magazine and told me to check them out... and after googling there are nothing but rave reviews. Right now it seems they have only been...
  16. M

    suggest me a sub please

    hello...i recently bought unity the rocks which i think that they are excellent..i also threated my room.i'd like to add a sub in my set up.i need a sub with remote bypass option.i don't want to work all the time with the sub engaged.i also need tight ,focused sound...there is only a small...
  17. B

    New producer question

    I need some cheap studio monitors that are best for producing hip hop (heavy bass) and edm. Any recommendations?
  18. S

    Monitoring issues while recording acoustic guitar

    I'm having real trouble monitoring myself playing when I'm tracking. I'm recording myself playing my acoustic guitar. My MOTU Microbook allows me to set up hardware monitoring, so I monitor the guitar through my Sennheiser HD205 cans. Problem is, that I can't hear the guitar in my headphones...
  19. G

    increase gain from ipod to active studio monitors

    Hi, Im looking for a solution to increase the balanced gain on active studio monitors. Im new to studio equipment. here is my setup: 2 x Krk Rokit 6 active studio monitors xlr to mini 3.5 Ipad 2 ipad and speaker volume is set to max. I get 92 Db but there is no punch to the sound. I assume...
  20. P

    Is there an equivalent woofer made for the Spendor SA 300 nearfield monitor?

    Hi, I've owned a pair of Spendor SA 300 nearfield monitors for about 14 years and recently the woofers gave up the ghost. My question to you is do you know of anybody who makes an equivalent woofer that could be used to replace the originals? I did check with Spendor and (since they've not...