1. W

    "Voltage-Spike(?)" in Speakers when Playback starts

    Often (not always), when I start playing a sound file or video on my Laptop (MacBook Pro), I get a very audible "spike/click" in my speakers (Dynaudio BM5 MK3, connected via Presonous Audiobox USB) before the playback starts. This happens especially often, when listening to something on the...
  2. DonnyThompson

    PreSonus Eris monitors - thoughts?

    I'm curious to know if anyone here at RO has had a chance to mix through PreSonus's Eris monitors, and if so, what size have you used, and what your thoughts on them are. If you've used them, did you find that your mixes translated well to other speakers and/or systems? -d.
  3. ChrisH

    Approach to using Multiple Sets of Monitors for Mixing

    Howdy! A lot of people these days (including myself) use and own multiple sets of monitor speakers for mixing. This really got me thinking about how there is so many ways to apply multiple sets of speakers while mixing. For example (just a couple different ways) you could... 1. Use your...
  4. drubu

    Type of monitor? Too many choices!

    My monitors that I have known and loved for 10+ years are "on their way out." Time to select the perfect replacements and then spend the time and effort to get to know them intimately. My question has less to do with brand or model, but more about the component/arrangement of the monitors...
  5. P

    Speaker went out

    I have a set of Samson A8 studio monitors. One day I heard static coming from one speaker. Every time a touched the volume knob on my audio interface I heard the sound. I still listened to music fine for two weeks. Today I opened pro tools to listen to music and I heard it more consistently and...
  6. kmetal

    #10 AWG (2 conductor) vs #12 AWG (4 conductor) Speaker Wire

    Hey guys, I'm doing some wiring specs (exciting right !? Lol) and I'm completely unsure of what to go with. It's speaker wire for a cinema setup. The surrounds, and the Screen Channel speakers accept up to 10awg wire with barrier strip screw terminals. The reference speakers and subs are on...
  7. kmetal

    Budget monitors for the meantime

    hey fellas, Just wanted to get your thoughts on some budget monitors for my inteterim period of about a year. I'm planning on building a multi purpose room in my parents basement with a 350 sqft dedicated room for music making, editing, mixing, and design work. I'm going to outfit it w...
  8. audiokid

    Grace Design m905 monitor controller

    The Grace m905 monitor controller looks absolutely amazing. Grace Design m905 Digital Converter/Monitor Controller Overview - Sweetwater Sound - YouTube by audiokid posted Jun 10, 2016 at 5:23 PM
  9. M

    Can I use stereo speakers with pro audio power head?

    I posted in the forum before and received very helpful information so I'm going to give it another go. I have an audio rack with a mixer and other gear. My powerhead is a Peavey DPC-1000. I have a set of 3 way stereo speakers, like the kind that you would hook up to your stereo receiver for...
  10. swedishstyle

    Studio Monitor Popping bad for the monitor?

    Hi all, New poster here, so be gentle - I think this is the right subforum. I have 2 Yamaha HS7's hooked up to a Line 6 UX2 (don't laugh, I've had it for years, just about to upgrade to a Scarlett 2i2) They work great and I'm very happy with them. However, I've noticed that upon startup and...
  11. M

    Help connecting cable, speaker monitors to converters

    Hello! I need some help from you! Can you ehplane me how to connect Focusrite isa Two to Lynx Aurora 16? What cables should I use? And how to connect monitors (Adam A8x) with all of that? I will not use any other outboard gear.
  12. William Boulanger

    Using two different monitors ?

    I recently bought a second-hand KRK Rokit 5 g2 and a Yorkville YSM2p. Overall, they sound really good but allso a bit different. Is there anything I can do to make two different monitors sound ""the same"" or better than they are right now.
  13. JayTerrance

    My monitors has a hum - resolved ground loop

    I wanted to extend my monitors out to another room for a different perspective. So I ran 2 longer cables to the other room, but after hooking them up 1 of the monitors has a hum in it (the other monitor is just fine). I thought it might be something with the 1 cable so I switched the cables to...
  14. vonrozen

    filter problem on the Quads 405-2 BBC modified

    Hello everyone ! I have 2 Rogers Ls 5/8 driven in bi-amplification by quads 405 and 405-2. Porblem: one of the filter on the Quad 405-2 is faulty because the tweeter only reproduces very high range and leaves the mid-range out ( this is compared to the other tweeter of the other Quad. I know...
  15. S

    Monitoring and mixing down LIVE (NOT "Export Mixdown")...cannot do with new soundcard

    Hello all. I use Cubase 5.5.3. I've recently switched to a new soundcard, a Native Instruments "AUDIO 6". I used to use an RME Fireface 400 but changed because I needed something I could also use when out DJing. With my previous soundcard, I was able to mixdown previously recorded parts, LIVE...
  16. C

    How to identify possible damage on speakers?

    I just got my first set of Professional Monitors/Speakers and I invested in a nice pair of Focal CMS 65. On the second day of using them I answered a FaceTime call on my iMac and stopped working on my mix. The FaceTime App was at a much lower volume level so I just hit the volume knob on my...
  17. K

    Monitoring recording in Reaper

    Hello all! I am new to DAW. I want to create nice guitar playing video like on youtube. Recently downloaded reaper to try out. I have; an electric guitar interface (Behringer UCG102) Asio4all Guitar Rig 4 HP Win 10 laptop (Pavilion dv4), Win...
  18. K

    Studio Monitors - A Few Questions

    Hello & I hope everybody's had a wonderful Thanksgiving! As usual, my life always finds ways to keep me so busy that I unfortunately neglect music & recording, however I am starting to change that, which brings me to my next few questions: - Should my studio monitors be identical? - When both...
  19. vonrozen

    Rogers BBC monitoring speakers LS 5/8 bi amplified with Quads 405

    Hello everyone - 2 easy questions : 1. Which pre-amp would you recommend that has balanced inputs and a nice warm sound 2. Would there be any point in using a nice old Glensound mixing console as a pre-amp or would i get nothing out of it soundwise ? Thank you so much, dear friends...
  20. doxology

    Monitor Upgrade...Rockit8's to 20/20's or NS-10M-T's...???

    hello... the problem: my KRK Rockit8's have absolutely no bottom. for years now I've had to rely more on auditioning my bounced mixes on various stereo systems than on studio monitoring. The bass response of the rockit8's is at least 3 - 4.5 db below, of course, my mixes always have...