1. vonrozen

    wanted, DYNAUDIO M2 - where to source ?

    Can anyone recommend where I can get DYNAUDIO M2 monitors 2nd hand in France, Germany or the UK ? I am based in France and have always dreamt of getting these wonderful speaker. All info appreciated. Thank you Alexander
  2. Press

    PreSonus Eris E44, E66 MTM Monitors

    Press submitted a new resource: [=""]PreSonus Eris E44, E66 MTM Monitors[/] - PreSonus’ new Eris E44 and E66 two-way active MTM studio monitors [=""]Read...
  3. dvdhawk

    JBL LSR Monitors - Sticky Mess

    Has anyone ever found a suitable solution to the obnoxious sticky rubberized coating that JBL put on the front of their LSR series monitors? I have a pair of the LSR4328P, and I've got no complaints about the sound, but you simply cannot touch the front of them without leaving your literal...
  4. Nisse

    Speaker question? Not sure what's going on or how to call it

    So I picked a good-looking set of speakers up at a thrift shop for 5 bucks (Aiwa SX-LM99). Can't find much on them on the internet but they appear to be working fine. I tested them at a friend's place who had a proper speaker pre-amp and stuff. Connecting them to my own setup, however, posed...
  5. Sean G

    Blocking up the bass ports on Nearfield monitors

    I would like some advice from members on the topic of blocking the bass ports on nearfield speakers. I have a set of KRK Rokit 5 Gen2 (I know, I know, before you get started they were cheap and I was on a budget at the time and have'nt upgraded yet) pictured below, which have a front bass port...
  6. vaibhav dewangan

    which is better, genelec m040 or 8030B?

    hello people, i am again in a confusion, for the studio monitors, i havn't listened to any of them, so i needed the true review on the above monitors, my only option is between these two, please tell me if any one heared both. thanx in advance, i need to purchase in couple of days. GENELEC 8030B...
  7. Don't Count The Hours

    Dual 1/4 Inch jack speakers - connections advice

    Hi shameless quest for advice here - if anyone has 2 cents they can donate it would be very much appreciated. Got hold of two weighty PA looking speakers with dual 1/4 inch jacks and no knowledge of their spec or their past and my limited knowledge is at a loss for the best way to utilise...
  8. J

    Best studio monitoring headphones under £80

    So, I'm starting my first year of college in a music performance course. I need a pair of decent headphones for under £80. I have done research but I can't decide what pair will be best for me. I have looked at akg's, krk's, samson and Sony. I will be using these in the studio and for mixing...
  9. vaibhav dewangan

    How to make split screen for background score, in LED TV monitors?

    LED TV will do fine with hdmi connection or I have to get computer LED screen for making split screen for one cpu?
  10. pcrecord

    FMR RNP vs upcomming Audient ASP800

    Ok, I know it's again another preamp post !! lol So I'll make it short. I already have 2 LA-610, 4-710, 4x ISA and a RME Fireface 800 I need at least 4 more preamp, to allow me to track a full band and this is not happening very often. Since I already have somewhat colored preamps, I figure...
  11. H

    Avantone Mixcube Active Question

    Hi, Really hope you can help but i'm having issues with the mixtone. Presumably a dumb question since I'm a newbie but.... I've tried on two different soundcards. Using the XLR from soundcard in stereo I seem to get a side mix. If I force the soundcard to mono I get an extremely quiet mono...
  12. vonrozen

    Vintage Cabasse Sterne active speakers

    Dear all , i have acquired a Sterne active loudspeakers , which were used by the Radio de France for monitoring; the description is in the link - the model Stern replaces the last model on the list. I paid 800 € . What do you think, given that I am...
  13. audiokid

    TB Isone virtual monitoring setup with adjustable speakers and room acoustic properties

    I know nothing about this but am posting this in case it helps someone looking for something like this. Description The perfect listening room… Many have experienced the difficulty to realize a listening environment free of standing waves, undesirable...
  14. pcrecord

    Looking for affordable headphones for drummer.

    Hi guys, I've got another broken headphones this weekend. I've decide to go for cheaper units but still want some isolation. At this point, I don't care about frequencies and how good they sound. I just need to put a loud click in them and isolate the drummers ear so they don't hang themself out...
  15. A

    More Problems with KRK Monitors

    I have Rokit 8 KRK monitors and they are headed for the trash. Don't be fooled by the cute yellow cones and the lighted KRK logo. It is what's inside that counts....poor sound and technical/electronics issues.
  16. DonnyThompson

    IK Multimedia ARC 2 - speaker correction

    I have no experience with this, so don't kill the messenger. But I won't say I'm not intrigued.
  17. audiokid

    HS Series Studio Monitors

    I wonder what these are like? Anyone hear them? ----------------------------------------- TIME FOR A REALITY CHECK Powered nearfield monitor speakers built on the success of its legendary predeccesors that have become a genuine industry standard for their accuracy...
  18. P

    Alesis HD24XR, Fireface 800, track, mix, monitor

    Looking to get some help regarding my setup. I currently have an HD24XR, the digital outs are connected to the digital ins of the RME and so are the Ins. Total Mix controls the RME. I want to be able to record onto the hd24. When its full. transfer the tracks to reaper and mix. Issues I have...
  19. A

    Studio Monitor Selection - A Mistake!

    I have been using pro audio gear for over 25 years. I made a big mistake. Based on in store listening and recommendations, I bought KRK Rokit 8 monitors. Based on daily use, I believe that these are very poor for mixing audio (range / poor sound quality). I should have done more homework There...
  20. K

    Pro Tools 10 HD - Monitoring is happening twice/double

    Hey everyone I've been trying Pro Tools 10 HD and its Plugins etc. to be able to have my personal view on the DAW. As I'm recording vocals, I notice a double-effect in monitoring, but the recorded vocal track is not double. How can I disable Pro Tools Software monitoring? If it interests...