1. audiokid

    UAD Moog Multimode Filter XL performance with David Phipps of STS9
  2. DP75


    song deleted, please see the "before you post" guidelines:
  3. B

    Modular Moog - please Feedback

  4. B

    MOOG: 901A, 901B etc...

    Hi, i'm a student of electronics and i'm thinking about making some audio gear... i thought about moog filters because they look pretty simple to create, here's my question, has anybody made one of those? i mean 901A, 901B, 901C, 902 or 904C? which one sounds best?
  5. S

    Moog repair in Nashville?

    I'm going to pick up a non-working but FREE PolyMoog later this week and would love to get it serviced so it can join the arsenal. Any recommendations on shops/techs that do good work on these old beasties in Nashville? I don't really want to stray out of town so middle TN is what I'm gonna...
  6. M

    minimoog and fruityloops

    I have some compositions just about completed in fruityloops. My problem is that some of the instances of minimoog wont allow me to turn up the volume. I have minimoog running as a DXi plugin and when i open it from fruityloops the volume is way to low. I can turn it up and save it in on the...
  7. J

    moog sound used by bob marley and the wailers "stir it

    Hi - just registered today and been looking back through the forum archives - so much info! great site.... Just wondering if anyone knows the moog settings used on the intro sound by the wailers on "stir it up".... Or has anyone found or created a similar patch for the malstrom synth on...
  8. M

    Keyboards Led Zeppelin used?

    Does anyone know the synths John Paul Jones used on the Zeppelin records???
  9. P

    Moog Parametric EQ

    Hi all Has anyone used this unit or seen a circuit diagram of it? It seems to have a "holy grail" image attached to it, like most of the gear Bob Moog designed. Some links of interest :
  10. B

    Newbie questions and the return of Bob Moog

    I'm just starting to dip my feet in the waters of MIDI sound modules and I wanted to know people's opinions on what is hot and what is not in the world of modules. We have a Yamaha SY-99 connected to a Roland JV1080 at our school and it's pretty sweet...but I want to know what else is out there...