1. paulears

    Covers - or copies for tracks. How do you do yours?

    I produce lots of copies of songs mainly for theatrical or stage type shows. Over the years I have a pretty standard workflow, but while doing one today, I wondered if others do it my way or have their own system that might be better? I always use the original song as a template. I...
  2. kmetal

    Akai unlocks MPC Software (v2.2) for all controllers

    Check it out. The MPC Software main page. The new features in 2.2 I bought this yesterday, having been planning on the MPC Studio hardware for some time, I can’t wait to move some air with these sounds! The AKAI...
  3. audiokid

    Akai Pro — MPC X Overview & Demo

    Akai go standalone with the brand new MPC Live. the control layout is exactly the same as last year’s MPC Touch controller/interface, with a seven-inch full-colour multi-touch display, 16 backlit pads, four rotary encoders and a master encoder knob. The big difference is stand-alone operation...
  4. audiokid

    Bobby Owsinski Interviews Roger Linn plus Pirate Radio is coming back.

    Bobby Owsinski talking about pirate radio, drums sounds, drum tuning, click tracks, headphone mix, and a very informative interview with Roger Linn. What a brilliant man.(y) The next new thing... Electronic Expressive Instruments Here is the interview...
  5. audiokid

    Akai MPC Renaissance

    Right on, I've Been waiting 9 months for an MPC Renaissance. Its finally available so I just ordered it. Here is an excellent introduction video on it. Looks like they kept it pretty close to the classic design and added great new features. My MPC 60 died so this is like heaven again. Check it...
  6. audiokid

    MPC Renaissance News

    Is it dope or are these guys on dope lol. Is the MPC back? Man, I hope this is a good as it looks! (excluding the video's seriously dated sound track duh). You'd think Akai would have done better than this. I've been waiting years for something to replace my MPC 60. The Renaissance is...
  7. audiokid

    MASCHINE pads vs MPC pads

    Any compare the pads between example the MPC 60 vs NI MASCHINE? How do they feel and respond?
  8. D

    PC audio directly into MPC 2000XL?

    OKAY!!!! im having trouble figuring this out. I dont care for floppy disks at all. What im trying to do is make it so that the sound from my computer is sent directly into the mpc for sampling, in real time. I have all sorts of stuff on there that i want to sample directly without having to...
  9. F

    Live Performance with Synths, MPC,...

    First.. hi everyone!! Second... im pretty F*& here! If someone can give me any help ill be very thankful! I usually work with bands, but now i have to setup an dance music band. I dont know how to connect the equip and how to sync everything. This is the list: Mixer Yamaha 01V Clavia...
  10. audiokid

    Akai MPC5000 question

    I'm upgrading my studio this year. Finally its time to put my old MPC60 to rest, LCD screen and pads are worn out. I started out using Roger Linn's LM 1 back in the 80's, them moved to Akai's MPC60. Love it to death. Their new beast, the MPC5000 looks awesome. Has anyone used this yet...
  11. Z

    alesis hd24/akai mpc2500

    What's the best way to lock the mpc to the alesis? :shock:
  12. S

    Mpc 1000 with the new jj os.

    Fully loaded no reserve
  13. H

    with my mpc4000?

    Hello, sorry for my english, i am swiss italian ;) I produce hip hop beats with my akai mpc4000. For recording, i used my mbox and protools, but the sound is different, is not so power, so warm like the sound that mpc offer. I can use some plugins but with not great results.... Is better if...
  14. L


    i have been recommended to use the AKAI MPC, and i have looked them up and they seem to be a bit on the expensive side for me (as a student) does anyone know where i can get a cheap (in working order) one or another drum machine of the same/simular specs? thanks Lil Loco
  15. T

    MPC1000 new upgrade coming or just a rumor?

    Okay I heard a rumor from a sales guy, (I think it's a rumor anyway) when I was trying to decide between the MPC1000 or coughing up the extra $ for the 2000XL. He told me about 3 months ago that there would be a new OS (version 1.08 I think) coming out that would make the MPC1000 just as good...
  16. G

    MPC 2000 and ProTools Issues

    Hey All. This is one of my first posts. Im interning at AudioVision Studios down in Miami FLA and i need some MPC 2000/ProTools help. 1- Is there a quick snyc set up that i can get. 2- how do i transfer more than one track to protools at a time. I think 2 is the max. Thanks in advance
  17. B

    Why does the Swing/Quantize on an MPC sound better than.....

    Why does the Swing/Quantize on an MPC sound better than the swing in Cubase SX? Even at full swing in Cubase drums sound mechanically programmed. The MPC and other units like the SP1200 seem to have more of a rhythmic feel to the swing/quantizing. I would think this would function similarly...
  18. lxx

    Midi Recording MPC 3000 vs. Mac running Logic 7.0

    I know this is a way of comparing Apples with Peaches but although. I used to have an mpc 3000 LE and worked aswell on a Mac Running various versions of Logic. Regarding the midi thing I have the idea that the MPC swings more from itself. Am I crazy is this between my ears or is it really so...
  19. I

    need help with mpc2000

    i cant do anything with my mpc2000. i have my cd player hooked up to it with the red and whites in the outputs of the cd player going in to 1 quater inch jack at the back of the mpc. anyway i press play and record and get nothing but an anoying metronome click. what am i doing wrong . some1 plz help
  20. G

    Syncing MPC to Pro tools problems

    What's up guys-- I synced up the mpc through the pro tools beat clock via midisport 2x2. The Mbox reads the data and plays it. However even though, I have the record track enabled light lit up, there is no data on the track window. Everything is set up right and the music plays during...