multi-band compression

  1. DonnyThompson

    Nice Plug from TDR - Nova EQ

    I recently watched a video with Andrew Scheps, where he talks about the use of "dynamic" ( also referred to as "active") EQ - this is NOT the same as Multi Band Compression. It actually allows you to take certain frequencies out of the compression detection circuit, and it works in a process...
  2. Halifaxsoundguy

    Multi-band compression

    Is there a rackmount multiband compressor that one could possibly afford? Or can you only find this effect in plug-in format? Is there a way to group some basic plugins together to create multi-band compression? I somehow think this question belongs on a different forum.
  3. P

    Broadband compresson following multi-band compression(?)

    wasssup folks. I've just started usin the Waves C4 multi-band compressor again, a lil... mainly on vocalz would 1 also put a regular(broadband) compressor after that or is it enuff 4 just the multi-band(C4) alone? I record hip-hop. And this is, I guess a general question during mixing; or...
  4. D

    Multi-Band Compression

    This is a topic of intense debate, since it is very much like EQ'ing...there are guidelines, but to do this well, you need to use your ears and a bit of experience. I will admit that I am a total rookie when it comes to multi-band compression. I have tried the one that comes with Sound Forge...